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“Aw, they just love their new home, Speedy!"
"Yeah, job done.”
―Zephie and Speedy

Zephie and the Bees is the twentieth episode of the second season.


It is a beautiful day in Chuggington, and Zephie wants to spend it outside. Unfortunately for her, Vee sends her to help Hodge and Eddie clean the Underground Tunnels. Meanwhile, Speedy is sent to give out juice using Frostini's juicer wagon.

While cleaning up the Underground Rolling Stock Store, Zephie finds an object that's too heavy for her to lift. She goes out to find someone who could help her and stumbles upon Speedy, who is fed up with having to do customer service. The two chuggers decide to switch jobs.

Later, while trying to practise using the juicer car, Zephie accidentally knocks a beehive out of a tree. Speedy soon comes to check how she is doing, only to find her in panic with a swarm of bees buzzing inside her. Speedy comes up with a plan: the two create a new home for the bees and lure them in there using the juicer car's honey. It works perfectly and the chuggers can finally get back to work.


Rolling Stock







  • Because of the use of stock footage, Zephie is shown to have a painted butterfly on her face and the background is of a different location in the Depot.