Zephie's Zoomaround is the eighteenth episode in the first season of Chuggington.


Zephie goes to the Farm with Brewster to see the newly-born lamb, but she ends up getting lost when she takes the wrong turning at a junction. Luckily, Olwin helps Zephie back to Chuggington, but Zephie is upset that she only has a bell to call for help. So, Zephie goes to the Repair Shed to have a siren fitted, however she must only use it for emergencies.

But, Zephie wants to try it out so she uses the siren when she thinks that there's a lion on the loose, which only turns out to be Irving snoring whilst asleep. Then, she uses it again when she thinks a squirrel is stuck in a tree. Eddie decides to take the siren off Zephie as she clearly isn't ready to use it properly. Zephie decides to go back to the Farm to see the lamb, which she does. However, she falls over and comes off the rails. Felix calls for help, and as soon as Zephie is back at the Repair Shed, Morgan thinks that Zephie has learned her lesson about using sirens properly. So, Zephie gets her siren re-fitted and promises to use it properly, only for real emergencies.

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