Zephie's Star Club


Alex Williams

First Aired

6th December 2011

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Magnetic Wilson

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Undercover Action Chugger

Zephie's Star Club is the 7th episode of Season 3.


Zephie starts her own club, Zephie's Star Club. Emery joins in too. Later Wilson is sad that he can't join the club, so he starts Wilson's Sunshine Club. After that Zephie asks if Hoot and Toot wants to be in her club. Toot joins but Hoot can't. Soon Zephie finds out that Wilson has started his own club. Zephie is annoyed. Wilson finds out that Hoot couldn't be in the star club so Wilson says that Hoot can be in his club. Soon Koko is part of the sunshine club and Zephie is upset. Wilson & Zephie ask if Hodge wants to be in the clubs but Hodge says that if a club starts, chuggers fall out with each other. When Wilson and Zephie find out that Brewster needs help clearing the rockfall, they both rush to Brewster.
Wilson takes the paint wagon with him and draws a sun on Brewster. Later Zephie finds out that stars and suns are working together and tries to pull Toot away from Hoot. Wilson finds out and tries to pull them back resulting in a tug of war, prompting Brewster to shout at them to stop causing a giant rock falls on the tracks. This prompted Zephie to feel sorry that she pulled Toot. Toot then told Zephie that her rules of stars and suns being forbidden to talk to each other is not very nice. Realising how selfish she's been, Zephie abolished her rules. Later Brewster, Wilson, Hoot and Toot and Zephie work together to clear the rockfall.



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