Zephie's Monkey Business


Rachel Murrell and Sarah Ball

Air Date

14th April 2009

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Zephie's Monkey Business is the 33rd episode of Chuggington Season 1.


Zephie is excited as Vee has sent her to help Dr Gosling at the Safari Park with the animal check-ups. Enroute, Zephie meets Emery, who warns her about the naughty monkeys as they'll pinch her wipers and her bell. This makes Zephie very scared. So, whilst she helps Dr Gosling, she decides to check Twigga and Ebo so to avoid the monkeys. When it is time to check the monkeys, Zephie decides to "check" something only to get lost and end up amongst the monkeys. Zephie gets very scared, only to realise that the monkeys are more scared of her whenever she screams. Realising that Emery was only teasing her, Zephie likes the monkeys.

Meanwhile, back in Chuggington, the three trainees are having an excerise with some cranes and have a relay race as they throw big beach balls to each other. During the race, Koko briefly loses motivation and becomes anoyed when Wilson drifts too slow. Wilson easily realizes his mistake and with a lot of motivation, accelerated down the track and says "can't catch me!". This causes Koko to snap sharply, and for a split second releazes a furious dirty facial expression (like she was gonna kill Wilson) but quickly calms down. Then, they go to the Safari Park where they see the monkeys with Zephie. Zephie realises that she needs to find Dr Gosling, but the monkeys are still on her. The three trainees use their cranes to throw the big beach balls down to the monkeys. Zephie gets Dr Gosling to check the monkeys and she decides that monkeys are her favourite animals.

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