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Zephie is a young scissor-lift chugger. She was introduced in the first season.


Zephie was initially a trainee with Hodge; however, it seems that her capabilities stopped her from participating in most training sessions, evident by the fact that she cannot pull heavy loads well. As a "fully fledged" chugger, Zephie runs errands for Morgan and Lori while they are busy, for things such as delivering tools or fetching lunch.

After feeling doubtful about herself, Zephie (in secret) attempted to help Brewster with his jobs, but ultimately tipped over while coming down the steep mountain. Zephie was also briefly fitted with a siren, but caused numerous false alarms after deliberately trying to find something that would call for an emergency, ultimately having the siren taken away from her. After again tipping over with nothing but a small bell to call out for help, Zephie promised to use her siren wisely. Around this time, Zephie participated in the Chugger Championship, but did not win. Zephie also assisted Rag Barnstaple with his news report about Morgan's new mobile rail vehicle.

Some time later, Zephie, along with Brewster, would earn the role of Action Chugger's part time sidekick, and also became a junior Chug Patroller after helping to save Cormac from his broken crane. She also participated in the Rip Roring Relay Race alongside Koko, but lost to Brewster and Wilson. Nowadays, Zephie can usually be seen hanging out with Piper.


Usually, Zephie is very kind; she is helpful, supportive, and encourages others to embrace themselves. She is relatively young, and while older than Wilson, Brewster and Koko, is quite oblivious and on the surface, and the embodiment of innocence.

In the past, however, Zephie has shown to be more complex than as previously mentioned. On multiple occasions, Zephie has given off signs of envy; essentially, when she becomes conceited about something (ie. being called a ray of sunshine, or generally complemented) and someone receives the same attention, Zephie feels that only she should be receiving it. This has resulted in Zephie painting Koko to look like a pirate, and in turn being painted with spiders, and Hoot and Toot nearly being separated.

Zephie has also shown signs of a lack of confidence, due to the fact that she lacks the capability of many other chuggers her age. For example, When Zephie offered Irving to help him with his jobs, he immediately declined, knowing that there was no way that she could handle the load well. Zephie has ignored these warnings in the past, which as previously mentioned, caused her to tip over while coming down the steep mountain.

In all, while she has proved to be far from perfect, Zephie is a helpful chugger who is always happy to help.

Techincal Details


Zephie is loosely based on an early San Diego cable car, which can not spin around 360 degrees as this is an unrealistic feature. The spinning function may have come from a Manchester horse drawn tram. It had the ability to turn 180 degrees at terminal. The spinning feature may also have been inspired by certain North American track inspection cars ("speeders"), such as certain versions of the Fairmont P-5, which are equipped with a drop down lifting pivot. In such cars a central foot is dropped between the rails from the centre of the car, raising the entire machine (including the wheels) off the rails, and enabling the operator to spin the entire car around by hand.


Zephie is green with rims of brown and yellow around her eyes. Her doors are wooden brown with brass yellow rims. Her roof is green too and has a golden bell. Her wheels are black.




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  • In Zephie's Zoomaround, Zephie was fitted with a siren. However, before that episode and since then, she only has her bell.
  • As stated in Outward Bound Olwin, she used to be a trainee with Hodge. However, some episodes seem to prove that, if such was the case, she still has yet to be a fully-qualified chugger. In Brewster's Little Helper for instance, she loads her cargo too roughly and delivers her goods to the wrong places. It may be possible that her size and weight meant that she could only do some of the training. She still does some more training in Brewster to the Rescue and is referred to as a trainee in The Record Breakers, intimating that she may possibly be among the more senior trainees.
  • Occasionally, during the first season, the texture for the inside of Zephie's mouth shows through the front.
  • Zephie has a tendency (or sufficient misfortune, depending on the circumstances) to be tipped over more than any other chugger.
  • She is the only character to have extreme flexibility - she loves to spin around fast, and cannot get dizzy.
  • She sometimes likes to tip over - most notably in the episode "Brewster and the Dragon". In the same episode, she has the capability to get back up on her own, but other times she either doesn't have the strength or cannot be bothered to get up in other episodes.
  • Zephie is the only chugger who cannot pull heavy loads, largely because she was simply not built for substantial goods work.
  • In the episode "Zephie's Star Club", she appears to have enough high strength to attempt to pull Toot away from Hoot during an argument, most likely due to adrenalin.
  • She was the only tram in Chuggington until Decka entered the series but does not run a scheduled passenger service like Decka does.
  • In German, she is called "Sophie". In Polish, she is called "Zosia".
  • Acording to an early storyboard for Zephie's Zoomaround, Zephie was intended to be smaller, more boxy, and have two horns.
  • Zephie along with Hoot and Toot are the only chuggers with a 0-4-0 wheel arrangement.
  • In Chuggington Interactive Railway, Zephie is not so good at switching tracks.
  • She cannot give the usual danger/assistance needed signal (three honks) as her bell is too small, so she shouts "Chugger down!"
  • The fuel type of the Zephie was never revealed throughout the show.
  • She is the first chugger who is able to spin 360 degrees. The second and third are Hoot and Toot respectively, the fourth is Cormac, and the fifth is Tai.