Zack is the head leader of the Chuggineers. He was first introduced in Season 4.


Zack joins Chuggington to head up the Chuggineers. This foreman is organised, hard-working and extremely safety consious, making him the perfect leader of the Chuggineer crew and mentor to Brewster. Joined by his fellow team members Tyne and Fletch, this engineering team are responsible for all the heavy lifting, loading and building of bridges, tunnels, stations as well as laying track and making repairs.


Zack is based on a GE Dash 9-44CWL diesel-electric hybrid engine.

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  • During production, he went through a couple different names: "Mack" and "Boyd". His basis was also, at one point, planned to be a EMD DDA40X.
  • In German, he is called "Max".
  • As seen in some promotional art and production photos, Zack was originally going to have bright blue eyes. They were changed to brown shortly after, possibly to match with the other Chuggineers.




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