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Title Card - You for a Day
[It's evening at the Depot; Wilson is exiting CPHQ and Brewster is returning a Chuggineer Crane Car to the Repair Shed. Koko approaches her friends.]
Wilson (yawns)
Koko You look exhausted, Wilson!
Wilson I barely slowed down at all this week! I've got to tell you, Chug Patrol is the toughest job in Chuggington!
Brewster It can't be tougher than being a Chuggineer! I've been laying so much track I practically wore out this crane car!
[Brewster leaves the car inside the Repair Shed.]
Koko Sounds like both jobs are tough.
Brewster I had to build a brand new water tower all by myself!
Wilson I had to put out a tree fire in the countryside all by myself!
Brewster And where did you get the water for the fire? My water tower!
Koko Maybe you two should switch jobs for a day. Then you'd know which one is harder!
Wilson That's a perfecto idea! It will be easy to be you for a day!
Brewster Doing your work will be a breeze!
[The scene fades to the next morning; the trainees are waking up at their Roundhouse.]
Wilson You ready for this?
Brewster I was built ready!
Koko You're not actually trading jobs, are you?
Brewster Of course!
Wilson Let's trade the rails!
Koko But... I was only joking!
[Brewster and Wilson don't listen and leave the Roundhouses; Koko sighs. In the next shot, Wilson is driving around the Depot with Rosa.]
Rosa So, you will work with me, while Brewster works with Jackman?
Wilson That's the plan! We're doing the old switcharoo!
Rosa Entiendo... I understand... it's always good to learn new things, but...
[Brewster and Jackman drive by.]
Jackman Chug Patrolling is very different from Chuggineering.
Brewster I know, I'm sure I can handle it!
Jackman (laughs) Well, as long as it's just for the day, it should be alright. Just follow my lead. But remember...
Jackman and Rosa ...It's a very tough job.
[Brewster and Jackman arrive at Chug Patrol Headquarters.]
Brewster This is going to be a piece of cake. I already know all about Chug Patrol!
[Jackman opens Chug Command.]
Brewster That's the big screen thingy! It shows you everything in Chuggington!
[Brewster backs up to the carousel.]
Brewster And this is the spinny thingy, with all the Chug Patrol cars! I've seen Wilson use this! Activate spinny thingy!
[Chug Command denies the command.]
Jackman (laughs) Chug Command, activate carousel!
[The carousel starts to spin slowly.]
Brewster There's the car with the claw! And the really fast turbo one! And the one that hoses down fires! I can't wait to use that one!
Jackman Haha, that's CP3! Sounds like you know your stuff, alright?
Brewster Oh, yeah! I'm Chug Patrol and I'm ready to rock!
Jackman (laughs) Actually, it's roll! But we'll work on that.
[Meanwhile, Wilson and Rosa have arrived at Rocky Ridge Mountain.]
Rosa We have to replace all these old tracks leading to the top.
[Rosa lifts up one of the old track pieces, puts it to the side of the track and replaces it with a new one.]
Rosa After you remove the old track, you put down the new track. Es fácil, it's easy!
Wilson No problemo! I've seen Brewster do it a million times.
Rosa Bueno!
[Rosa leaves towards the top of the mountain and Wilson starts working, replacing the old tracks at a very rapid pace and paying no attention to how he lays down the new track pieces.]
Wilson I knew this would be easy.
[Rosa arrives to check how Wilson is doing.]
Rosa Ey, Wilson! I come to check on... whoa! Uh, Wilson... these tracks...
Wilson Are getting done super fast?
Rosa Um, no... these tracks are not straight!
[Wilson's work is revealed; none of the track pieces are aligned at all.]
Wilson Oh, bumpers... don't worry, I can fix this... 'cuz I'm a trackstar!
[Meanwhile, Chug Patrol has gotten an alert from the Ice Cream Factory.]
Brewster Bumpers! My first Chug Patrol job!
Jackman First things first; we need to...
Brewster I'm Chug Patrol, and I'm on a roll! Activate CP3!
[Brewster couples up to a CP3 and leaves quickly. Koko is hanging around at the Depot.]
Koko Hey, Brewster! How's Chug Patrol...
[Brewster zooms past Koko.]
Brewster Can't stop now, there's an emergency!
[Jackman following Brewster with a CP1.]
Jackman Wait! You have the wrong car!
Koko Huh, I suppose that answers that. I wonder how Wilson's doing.
[Meanwhile, Wilson has laid down all the tracks again, now aligning them properly.]
Wilson Phew!
[Koko arrives on the new line of tracks laid by Wilson.]
[Koko honking her horns.]
Koko These new tracks are traintastic! How's the job going? Is it tough?
Wilson Nah, it was easy-peasy! I just started and I'm already done!
Rosa Excelente, Wilson! You finished your first job!
Wilson (gasps) First job?
Rosa , we have lots of work today!
[Rosa backs up to reveal plenty of new tracks to be laid and crates to be opened.]
Wilson (sigh)
Rosa We have more tracks to put down, supports to secure and we have to replace the rock dropper doors!
Wilson (sighs again)
Koko You know, you can always switch back with Brewster.
Wilson No way! I'm sure he's having a much harder time with Chug Patrol.
[Scene cuts to Brewster and Jackman arriving at the Ice Cream Factory.]
Jackman Now that you have the right car, let's get to work! Frostini says there's a bird trapped inside and we need to set it free.
Brewster That sounds easy.
Jackman I'm sure you can handle it! I'll be back in a bit. I have to go help with another emergency.
Brewster Don't worry! I'm Chug Control and I'm ready to patrol!
Jackman Actually, it's... um, nevermind, you've got this!
[Jackman leaves and Brewster drives inside the factory.]
Brewster Hey, birdie-birdie!
[Brewster notices the bird on top of the ice cream conveyor belt.]
Brewster There you are, little birdie! I'm here to take you outside! Would you like that?
[The shot changes to show the Ice Cream Factory from outside. The bird starts chirping loudly; different loud noises, including glass shattering, is heard.]
Brewster Aaah! Get off! Shoo! Nice birdie, good birdie! I've got this - eeek! No, I don't!
[The scene cuts to Brewster arriving back at the Depot. He meets Wilson and Koko there.]
Wilson and Brewster Phew!
Koko Wow, you two look even more exhausted than you did yesterday!
[Wilson shakes his face and yawns.]
Wilson I'm not tired!
Brewster Me neither! I'm fresh as a daisy! / Me either! I'm fresh as a daisy!
[Jackman comes into the shot.]
Jackman Brewster! Tai derailed at the Docks! I need you to get the CP6 Mega Mover and help her out!
Brewster (sigh)
[Rosa comes into the scene too.]
Rosa Let's go, Wilson! We have more work left at the Quarry!
Wilson (sigh)
Koko Are you sure you don't want to switch back?
Brewster No way!
Wilson This job is so easy!
[Koko sighs and rolls her eyes. The shot transitions to Brewster approaching Tai at the Docks. He rerails her and attempts to push her into CP6, but couples up to the car and starts moving it too fast, causing Tai to fall off the car.]
Tai (US Dub only) Whoa!
[This causes Tai to derail again.]
Tai (US Dub only) (grunts annoyedly)
[Meanwhile, Wilson is moving a pile of rocks at the Quarry using a Chuggineer Digger Car. He does this very carelessly, causing the rocks to fly all over the place and block the tracks. Suddenly, Wilson hears a whistle.]
Wilson Huh?
[ Old Puffer Pete appears behind a large pile of rocks blocking his way.]
Old Puffer Pete Rattling rivets!
Wilson Oops, sorry about the mess, Pete.
[The shot cuts to the Chug-a-Sonic Speed Track, where a small trash can is on fire. Brewster enters the shot, not being able to control his CP3 wagon at all and spraying water everywhere.]
Brewster Honking horns! Whoa! Whoa! Aah, help!
[A disappointed Jackman sighs and calmly puts out the fire with another CP3. Meanwhile, Wilson is attempting to secure the beams of the Rocky Ridge Rickety Bridge with a crane car. However, the beam he was setting up falls down, with Wilson barely dodging out of the way.]
Wilson (sighs) This job is not easy.
[The scene cuts to Brewster and Koko driving on the Elevated Track at the Depot.]
Brewster I'm really wiped out. I've had to help trains all over Chuggington!
Koko Why don't you and Wilson just admit that you both have hard jobs?
Brewster Maybe you're right - I really don't know what I'm doing. I couldn't even activate the carousel!
[The trainees have arrived at CPHQ. Koko makes a sudden stop as Brewster activated the carousel by mistake - Brewster, however, has no time to react and accidentally pushes Koko into it.]
Brewster Whoa!
[Koko is now in the carousel, spinning around.]
Brewster Honking horns! Chug Command, don't activate the carousel! Unactivate!
[Brewster looks at Koko, who is screaming as the carousel keeps going around and around.]
Brewster Oh, I really made a mess of things now! I'm no Chug Patroller... but I can go and get one! Hang on, Koko!
[Brewster leaves. Meanwhile, Wilson is still working at the Quarry, now attempting to replace a rock dropper door.]
Wilson Wilson replaces the rock dropper door and the crowd goes wild! I'm finally getting the hang of this!
[The rock dropper is turned on; however, the door Wilson replaced doesn't hold the rocks in. They start uncontrollably spilling on the rails. Wilson hopelessly attempts to prevent this with a crane car.]
Wilson What do I do, what do I do? Sigh. I need to get some help.
[Wilson and Brewster meet up at the Depot.]
Wilson and Brewster You're right, you have the tougher job.
[Both laugh for a bit.]
Wilson I was trying to replace the rock dropper doors, but they broke, and gravel is spilling on the tracks!
Brewster Oh, I can help with that! But right now Koko's stuck on the CP car carousel! And it won't stop going around and around!
Wilson Oh, I know how to stop that!
Brewster Gasp - want to switch back?
Wilson I've got an even better idea - let's tackle these problems together! We always work better as a team!
Brewster You're right! Let's Train Together!
["Let's Train Together" starts playing.]
Koko You can go it solo, try to do things alone
Wilson But it gets kinda lonely when you're on your own
Brewster and Koko So forget about your solo act and form a duet
Wilson, Brewster and Koko
Or better yet a trio or a cool quartet!
Let's train together (Together)
We're so much better as a team
Let's train together (Together)
Work, work, work like a machine
There's really nothing better than to be with your friends
You'll be having so much fun you'll wish the day never ends (Together!)
[Wilson stops the carousel and frees Koko as Brewster watches; then they replace the broken rock dropper door together, this time screwing it on properly. After some cleanup at the Quarry, they are finally done with their work. Jackman and Rosa arrive.]
Jackman So, how'd you two like switching jobs?
Brewster I think I will stick with the Chuggineers from now on.
Wilson And I'm sticking with Chug Patrol! (laughs) Being you for one day was enough for me!
Koko Like I've been saying, both your jobs are tough, but of course, my job is even tougher!
[Koko couples up to her passenger carriages.]
Koko Want to try it?
Wilson No!
Brewster We believe you!
[All the chuggers laugh.]