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“Maybe you two should switch jobs for a day, and you'll know which one is harder."
"That's a perfecto idea! It'll be easy to be you for a day."
"Doing your work will be a breeze.”
―Koko, Wilson and Brewster

You for a Day is the forty-sixth and final ten-minute episode of the sixth season. It is also the final Chuggington episode overall, ending the show at 174 episodes across 13 years of airing.



Wilson and Brewster switch places for the day to prove who has the tougher job.




Rolling Stock[]







  • This episode is the official series finale of the Chuggington (2008–2021) television series, as it was the last episode ever aired and be produced .
  • Because of this episode being the series finale, this marks the final episode for several things:
    • The final episode of the sixth season and Chuggington overall to be produced.
    • The final episode to be produced by Herschend Entertainment Studios.
    • The final episode to be animated by Shanghai Motion Magic Digital.
    • The final episode to have Michael G. Stern and Sarah Ball as directors.
    • The final episode to have Tiffani Cumbry and Thomas Hall as producers.
    • The final episode to be written by Ryan Toyama, and the final episode in general to have him as the head writer/script editor.
    • The final appearances of Wilson, Brewster, Koko, Old Puffer Pete, Zephie, Frostini, Piper, Jackman, Rosa and Tai.
    • The final episode to feature Let's Train Together as the outro music.
    • The final episode to feature the characters with their respected voice actors.
    • The final 10-minute episode to air in the UK.
  • Going by production order, this is the forty-eighth episode of the sixth season.
  • A working title for the episode was "Chug Swap".
  • Stock footage from Gold Rush is used.
  • Brewster mentions the events of building a water tower in Brewster's Greatest Gift.
  • This episode and Superstar Brewster did not include their respective BBC promo images until April 2022.
  • A shorter version of "Let's Train Together" is heard in this episode.


  • The Docks' crane is nowhere to be seen when Brewster attempts to get Tai on CP6. This was likely so that the audience could more easily see this, though.
  • Old Puffer Pete has Olwin's whistle sound.
  • When Wilson realises he needs help with the rock dropper doors, Koko's horn can be heard, despite her being stuck in the CPHQ carousel at the time.
  • When the trainees meet at the Depot before continuing their work, most assets separating the Recycling Yard from the rest of the Depot are missing.
  • In the UK and US dubs, Paul Panting and Mick Wingert go uncredited for voicing Pete, and Angelica Hale goes uncredited for voicing Tai.