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Wilson and the Wild Wind is the forty-fourth episode of Season 1.


Dunbar reveals a new training device called a storm simulator, which he calls Storm Maker. Storm Maker is designed to make any types of weather conditions and only responds to his voice. Koko tries out the fog, Wilson tries out a strong wind and Brewster tries out a real storm. Harrison and Chatsworth come to see the new device, and Harrison is quite unsure about the safery aspect of Storm Maker and refuses to try it out, saying he has got work to do. But, Chatsworth knows that Harrison doesn't like the water [rain] spoiling his paintwork.

Soon, Vee calls Dunbar to sort out some situation at the Foundry, so Brewster and Koko go to the Park. But, Wilson has other ideas and wants to play with Storm Maker. But, remembering it only responds to Dunbar's voice, Wilson practices his voice until it sounds just like Dunbar's voice. So, he tells Storm Maker to create a strong wind at level 300! Storm Maker responds, but the wild wind it creates sending Wilson and lots of things flying! He tells everyone that the storm maker's out of control!

Wilson suggests getting Harrison and Chatsworth to help him battle against the storm, but they return to their roundhouses, so Brewster and Koko couple up to Wilson to stop Storm Maker. Wilson, imtating Dunbar's voice, stops Storm Maker, but Koko and Brewster are cross that Wilson was responsible for creating the wild wind. When Dunbar comes back, the trainees decide that they've had enough strong winds for one day.







  • The Fog Training lesson from Outward Bound Olwin is referenced in this episode.
  • This marks the first time where Sarah Ball provides a voice for an episode.