Wilson and the Elephant is the 2nd episode from Season 1.


Wilson, Koko and Brewster are told that they have an important job: they have to transport animals from the Old Safari Park to the new one. Koko is in charge of the monkey, Brewster is in charge of the Giraffe, and Wilson is in charge of Ebo, the elephant. All three then set off, but Wilson soon discovers that hauling an elephant isn't that easy, especially a cheeky elephant. Ebo rocks the car, causing Wilson to feel funny. He then purposely snaps the coupling, causing him to roll back, without Wilson noticing. Near the station, Brewster figures out that Wilson's car is gone. He tries to tell him, but Wilson never hears him. At the station, Koko soon tells him what has happened. Wilson, shocked, goes back and tries to find him. He soon does, in the middle of the forest. Wilson then keeps tracking him until he gets to a dead end. While trying to reverse, Ebo knocks a tree down, blocking both lines. Wilson is trapped. Ebo then feels sorry, so he hauls the tree back up, and gets into the car, much to Wilson's appreciation. Afterwards, the two friends set off for the Safari Park. Once there, the three trainees get their Animal Transportation Badge.


Other languages

Language Title Translation
German Wilson und der Elefant Wilson and the Elephant
Polish Wilson i słoń Wilson and the Elephant
Spanish (Latin America) Wilson y el Elefante Wilson and the Elephant
Russian Уилсон и слон Wilson and the Elephant


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