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This article is about the DVD. You may be looking for the episode.

Wilson and the Dinosaur is an American DVD featuring six episodes from the first, second and third series. It would be distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment.


Calling all trainees! There's a dinosaur on the loose in the Chuggington train depot in this new-to-DVD collection of episodes! When an exciting new dinosaur exhibit comes to the town museum, the trainees are roaring to spread the message with their new Jurassic sidekick "Photosauraus"! Wowzer! Other exciting adventures unfold, too, including Olwin's bubbly mishap at the Chug Wash, Zephie's rescue of a bee hive, Hoot & Toot's hard-earned Gold Wheels, and more! In this dino-sized collection of episodes - plus bonus Badge Quests, Character Montages and Coloring & Activity Pages - your own little chuggers will learn positive values such as teamwork, concentration, patience and hard work!


  1. Wilson and the Dinosaur
  2. Late Again Eddie
  3. Rock-a-Bye Chatsworth
  4. Bubbly Olwin
  5. Zephie and the Bees
  6. Gold Wheels

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