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“Why do boys like to get so mucky?”

Wilson Gets a Wash is the twenty-sixth episode of the first season.


Calley and Dunbar teach the trainees to brake in mud, but after getting dirty, Wilson is scared to go through the Chug Wash and so he escapes. He gets out of being washed by telling Eddie that the Chug Wash is broken, but it isn't. But Brewster and Koko eventually catch Wilson and bring him directly to the Chug Wash. Now Wilson must face his fears, but when he does, all the trainees want to get washed up again!


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  • Going by production and the European airing order, this is the eighth episode of the first season.
  • This canonically marks the first appearance of the Chug Wash.
  • This is the final episode to air in 2008.


  • Some American TV Guides incorrectly title this episode as "Wilson Gets a Wish".[1]
  • Calley's coupling rods do not move in a few scenes while at the Training Yard.
  • Calley's buffer beam briefly clips through the switching arrow when she's about to spray leaves onto the tracks.
  • After all of the rubbish had finished pouring onto Wilson, a can is briefly shown to be hovering above Wilson's roof until it falls over.
  • Wilson's back bogie wheels are derailed when he enters Roundhouse Park.
  • Wilson is shown to be already clean and covered in water during the two times he enters the Chug Wash.
  • Koko's back wheel trucks are missing during the second to last shot of the episode.
  • While it does not occur during the episode itself, a promotional image of Wilson in the Chug Wash is missing Eddie's Workshop in the background.


“Why doesn't Wilson want to be cleaned?"
"Because messy is more fun!”
―Koko and Wilson
“Wilson... it's wash time!”
“Oh, Peckum, you made Wilson all dirty again."
"Yay! Can I go through the Chug Wash again?"
"Ooh, me too, I want another go!"
"Hey, Peckum, come and jump on me!”
―Lori, Wilson, Koko, and Brewster


Other Language

Language Title
French À la douche Wilson
German Die Lok-Waschanlage
Japanese ウィルソン、はじめての洗車
Polish Kąpiel Wilsona
Spanish A Wilson le dan un Baño (Latin America)

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