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Wilson's Winter Feed is the fifth episode of the third part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the forty-fourth episode overall.


Wilson and Koko arrive at the Training Yard to meet Old Puffer Pete, who instructs them on how to earn their "Animal Feed" badges- as animals have trouble finding food in the snow, Koko is to feed the birds, and Wilson the sheep. Wilson arrives at the farm and meets Dr. Gosling, who tells him that Felix is away looking for his sheep, much to Wilson's annoyance. Wilson then finds Koko, who accidentally sprays bird seed onto him, causing the birds to start pecking at Wilson. Koko offers to help him look for the sheep; thus, Wilson has him and Koko search on separate tracks, and the first one to find the sheep is to honk their horn three times.

Wilson soon discovers that the birds are following him, and thus tries to lose them. Wilson, prepared to give up, realises that the birds are trying to talk to him. He notices the birds making an arrow, which leads him to where the sheep have run off to. Wilson thanks the birds, and honks his horn, but it scares the sheep away. Wilson gets the idea of throwing the hay close to them, which lures the sheep back to Wilson and Koko. The trainees then return to the Training Yard to earn their badges, which are given to them by the birds.


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  • This marks the first Chuggington production to be written by Rick Vanes, and the only Badge Quest episode to written by him.
  • This is the first snow-themed episode where none of the characters wear snow horns and lanterns.


  • For unknown reasons, BBC iPlayer lists the episode releasing on the 28th March 2011.

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