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“You don't understand. Wag-A-Lag-On's the very first wagon I ever pulled. We've been all over Chuggington together...”

Wilson's Wag-A-Lag-On is the eleventh episode of the sixth season.  


Wilson’s long time wagon begins falling apart.


Rolling Stock[]






  • This is the first episode where Cormac is voiced by Tin Chase in the US dub.
  • At some point of the episode, a rock-themed version of Wilson's Song can be heard.


  • In the US credits, Julie Phillips is not credited for voicing Lori.
  • When exiting Rocky Ridge Quarry during the musical number, Wilson flies off the track on a curve.
  • When Koko suggests for Wilson to use his new wagon after his old one falls apart, she incorrectly has her speed fleet boosters.
  • When Brewster compliments Wilson on his new wagon, he is seen pulling a green digger wagon. However, when he leaves after telling Wilson that finishing the job is more important than which wagon he uses, the digger wagon disappears. And in the next scene when Wilson brings Wag-A-Lag-On back out of the shed, Brewster has a blue crane wagon.
  • When Wilson says "Hang in there, Wag-A-Lag-On!", he is incorrectly pulling his new wagon.
  • Eddie was seen wearing a watch when Wilson's Wag-A-Lag-On broke the first time. However, that's the only scene the watch appears in.
  • In the scene where Wag-A-Lag-On breaks down for good, the walls and gates of the track lifts between the Repair Shed and the Loading Yard are missing - likely to make more room for the scene to play out.