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“Wilson was wobbly, he couldn't ride smooth, but now he can see that he's found his groove."
"Well, what do you know, I'm as smooth as the rest. Come on, Brewster and Koko! Let's take that test!”
―Brewster and Wilson rhyming

Wilson's Smooth Moves is the fifteenth episode of the first season.


The trainees are learning to pull passengers using dummies specially designed to wobble if the ride isn't silky smooth. Emery teases Wilson, calling out to his passengers "If you look below, you will see a Wibbly Wobbly Wilson." Later, Emery and Eddie try to help Wilson, but to to no avail. Wilson discovers he can only pull passengers well if he rhymes, just like Dunbar.


Rolling Stock

  • Training Bots (debut)






  • Going by production order, this is the eleventh episode of the first season.
  • This marks the first episode to be written by Lorelei King.
  • The shots of the trainees at the Loading Yard and Dunbar spinning on the turntable were edited into the theme song.
    • The former shot would also be used as a "series promo" for the show to this day.
  • Going by the European airing order, this is the thirteenth episode of the first season.


  • Dunbar's running board clips through his wheel trucks when he rhymes for the first time.
  • Calley is not positioned on the rails correctly when she sends the trainees off.
  • Koko's second pair of wheel trucks on her right-hand side are missing when Wilson leaves the Loading Yard and at one point when she and Brewster are rhyming.
  • When Emery appears beside Wilson, he switches tracks on a crossing as if it is a set of points.
    • Additionally, Wilson's carriage is missing. It soon reappears, but is mistakenly coloured green in one shot.
  • Wilson's underbite clips through the rails at one point when Emery offers to help him.
  • The buildings in the background change positions in-between several shots throughout the episode. These moments occur:
    • When the trainees are at Loading Yard at the beginning of the episode.
    • When Wilson speaks to Emery for the final time.
    • When Wilson first encounters Eddie.
    • When Dunbar congratulates the trainees.
  • When Wilson drives through the Depot after leaving Roundhouse Park, the entire set of the Depot seems to have glitched in some way. Thus, the shot is full of mistakes:
    • Some of the tracks leading up to the Training Yard cut off at random points.
    • A blue tunnel in the background has been rendered on top of some rails that also cut off randomly.
    • The grass patches with trees have no grass on them and are instead left untextured.
    • The main station building's platform is floating in the air and clipping through a wall in front of the Repair Shed.
      • The station building itself seems to be misplaced too, with the Elevated Track now leading straight to a wall.
    • The Training Yard is missing almost all of its tracks. In addition to that, the entirety of the small recess with a turntable is misplaced, resulting in a lamp post floating over a hole in the ground.
    • The small platform inside Platform 6 is completely black, likely due to a shading error.
    • The entrance to the Underground Tunnels in front of the Repair Shed is miscoloured green, with the ground beneath it being miscoloured pitch black.
  • When Wilson says Eddie can't always walk in front of him, the trees in the background are blurred yet the buildings behind them are not.
  • In an extended scene of Dunbar spinning on the turntable, his underbite clips through the rails.


Other Language

Language Title
French Les Yeux sur les rails, Wilson!
German Rolle sanft und nicht hart!
Japanese ウィルソンとぐらぐら
Polish Płynne ruchy Wilsona
Spanish Wilson Sabe Moverse (Latin America)

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