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Wilson's Paper Trail is the fiftieth episode of Season 1.


Koko and Brewster are working together collecting logs from the Forest to take to the Paper Mill, which makes Wilson feel rather left out as he is collecting hand-made paper from the Paper Mill. Whilst Koko and Brewster are racing around the tracks leading to the forest, Koko accidentally strikes a water-mains for a water tower with her crane. But, when she hears the water flowing, Koko thinks it is a waterfall. However, she realises that she caused an accident when she, Brewster and Wilson come to admire it later. Brewster takes the logs to the Paper Mill whilst Koko races back to Chuggington to get help.

Wilson decides to play with the fountain caused by the leak from the water mains, but only suceeds in getting the hand-made paper wet and it unrolls and falls to the ground. Wilson feels bad, and to make matters worse, birds and animals make the hand-made paper dirty. Once Koko returns with Eddie and Zephie, Wilson realises that he needs to get the hand-made paper to Chuggington for the Printers even though it is messy.

Once back in Chuggington, Wilson is scared at first to tell Linda, the designer from the Printers, about his accident. But, remembering Eddie's adivce to be honest, Wilson tells Linda about what happened to the hand-made paper. Luckily for Wilson, Linda isn't cross with him; his accident was in fact a good cause as the natural patterns that birds and animals created is the exact design the Printers need for the Gardens. Also, Linda asks Wilson to make the natural patterns for envelopes, but Wilson is quick to realise that Linda was only pulling his pistons with that suggestion!