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“Flares are really cool! Like fireworks!"
"Yes, and just as dangerous. They must be used properly, so I'm gonna teach you how to fire one safely."
"Of course, Jackman. Safety first.”
―Wilson and Jackman

Wilson's Forest Flare is the second episode of the fourth season, and the second part of the special, Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue.


Emery breaks down in the forest after driving through Longlow Tunnel that has water inside of it. Chug Patroller Wilson uses his new skills to locate Emery with the aid of a flare and proves that he's in control and ready to roll. At the end of the day, Jackman and Wilson manage to rescue Emery successfully.


Rolling Stock[]







  • This episode marks the first for a couple of things:
    • The first episode where Emery is voiced by Jake Tanner in the American dub, taking over from Hugh Reynolds.
    • The first time Longlow Tunnel is referred to by name in the series.
    • The first episode where where Chuggington Central Station is mentioned by name in the series.
      • It is also the first appearance of its redesign.
  • Decka's single line of dialogue is reused from the Chuggington: Badge Quest episode, Share the Load.
  • Jackman collecting and heading out with CP1 was recycled for the Discover Chuggington: All Aboard! short, CPHQ Song, with CP1 replacing CP4.