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Speaker Dialogue
Title Card - Wilson's Broadcast Blues
[Morgan is seen working on the Radio Car in the Repair Shed until Wilson shows up.]
Wilson What are you working on, Morgan?
Morgan It's the old Radio Broadcast Car. It hasn't been working for a long time and I thought I could fix it, but I'm not having much luck- WOAH! What happened to you?
Wilson I was out on a Chug Patrol mission, and when you're Chug Patrol, you've got to be ready to roll!
Morgan It looks like you were rolling through a forest. Did you leave some branches on the trees? (chuckles) Come on, let's get you checked out.
[Wilson rolls back into the Repair Shed and bumps into the Radio Car, turning it on.]
Wilson Oops. You should have seen it! There we were; in Chug Patrol HQ the call came in; Zack was in trouble!
[The Radio Car picks up Wilson's dialogue and transmits it through the speakers in Chuggington.]
Wilson (through speakers) We were Chug Patrol, and we were in control!
[Scene changes to Old Puffer Pete and Zephie stopping and listening to the speakers.]
Zephie Huh?
Wilson (through speakers) Here's what happened...
[Scene changes back to the Repair Shed and Morgan is pulling out the branches off of Wilson.]
Wilson Zack was welding new track when-
[Scene changes back to Pete and Zephie listening.]
Zephie Who's that?
Old Puffer Pete Shh, I'm trying to listen.
[ Koko comes into the scene.]
Wilson (through speakers) -a giant tree rolled down the hill! Thump-a-dump-a-dump!
[Scene changes to the Roundhouse Park were Hoot and Toot stop and listen to the speaker.]
Toot (gasp)
Wilson (through speakers) The tree slammed into the welder setting it on fire! Whoosh!
Hoot Ahh!
[Scene changes to the Docks where Skipper Stu and Hamish are listening through the control tower.]
Wilson (through speakers) Asher put out the fire with his water jet-spray, but then, another tree started to fall!
[Scene switches back to the Depot where Brewster rolls in listening.]
Wilson (through speakers) I barely dodged out of the way; and Jackman caught it with a crane!
Brewster, Koko, Old Puffer Pete and Zephie (cheering "Hooray" and "Yay")
[Scenes changes back the Repair Shed with Morgan pulling out the last of the branches]
Morgan Great story, Wilson. I felt like I was there the whole time.
[Brewster, Koko and Pete rush in towards the shed hooting their horns and whistles.]
Old Puffer Pete Woo-hoo-hoo! There you are, Wilbert!
Koko That story was amazing!
Brewster Everyone's been listening!
Wilson You heard me? But how?
Morgan I must have fixed this thing after all, so now its broadcasting everthing we say!
[Morgan's transmission echos in the Depot]
Morgan (reverb) Everything we say!
Morgan I um, I should turn it off.
[Morgan turns off the Radio Car.]
Old Puffer Pete It was so much fun to hear Radio Chuggington again.
Wilson Radio Chuggington?
Old Puffer Pete We used to gather 'round and listen to it every night. My favourtie show was The Adventures of the Lone Locomotive! Oh, those were the days.
[Pete departs away.]
Koko You should tell more stories, Wilson.
Wilson Really? That would be so much fun! Can I borrow the Radio Car, please?
Morgan Well, I don't see why not. I'd like to hear more too.
Wilson Wowzers! Thanks, Morgan!
[Wilson slides over to the track of the Radio Car, couples up to it and turns it on.]
Wilson (clears throat) Helloooo, Chuggington! This is your rolling radio host, Wilson, signing on! Taking you from the railways to the airwaves; welcoming the grand return of... Radio Chuggington!
[Scene cuts to Koko and Hanzo racing in the Chug-a-Sonic Speed Track.]
Wilson (voice only): Like bolts of lighting Koko and Hanzo zoom around the track! Who will win?
[Koko and Hanzo cross the finish line at the same time.]
Wilson And it's a photo finish! Amazing!
[Scene cuts to Zephie, Hodge, Hoot and Toot cheering in the Roundhouse Park.]
Zephie, Hodge, Hoot and Toot (cheering "Woo-hoo" and "Yay")
[Scene cuts to Wilson at Rocky Ridge Quarry where he and Pete starts recording for The Adventures of the Lone Locomotive.]
Wilson We now return to The Adventures of the Lone Locomotive. The Lone Locomotive remains trapped on the old Rickety Bridge of Doom! His wheels tied to the tracks... he hears the bridge begin to creak...
[Pete stretches a piece of wood to make a creaking sound.
[Scene switches to Zephie listing at the Depot.]
Zephie Woah!
[Scene changes back to the quarry with Wilson continuing the story.]
Wilson Rocks begin to fall...
[Wood and stone from the conveyor belt fall into Pete's wagon crane to make it sound like rocks are falling below.]
Wilson The wooden beam snapped...
[Pete snaps the beam in half with the crane.]
[Wilson rolls into an entrance to Rocky Ridge Mine.]
Wilson And then from nearby tunnel, he hears a laugh... Muhhahahaha!
[Scene switches back to the Depot with Piper listening.]
Piper Eeeep!
[Scene cuts back to Wilson by the mine entrance.]
Wilson It's the sinister Dr. Steam Engine! Dun-dun-dun!
[The scene cuts dusk at the Roundhouse Park with Wilson and Pete browsing along the rails.]
Old Puffer Pete I haven't had this much fun in years, Wallace!
[Hoot and Toot roll into the scene.]
Toot Look, it's Wilson! I love Raido Chuggington!
Hoot I'm your biggest fan!
Toot No, I am!
Hoot I am!
Toot I am!
Hoot I am!
[Zephie rolls past by Wilson and Pete.]
Zephie Great radio show, Wilson.
[Brewster and Koko come out of the Roundhouse Park tunnel.]
Wilson Where are you all going?
Koko To the Ride-In. They're showing the new Action Chugger movie.
Brewster Yeah, it's gonna be amazing!
Wilson But, aren't you gonna listen to my show?
Brewster Uh, no... I mean, we will... later. After the movie, because we love your show. It's great, um, super great. But it's Action Chugger and he's super super great!
Old Puffer Pete You can do more Radio Chuggington tomorrow. A movie sounds like fun tonight.
[Brewster, Koko and Pete roll out of the shot.]
Wilson It doesn't matter. I'll still do my show. I just need to find a story so good that everyone will stop watching the movie and listen to me.
[Wilson rolls around the Depot, pass Platform 6 trying to find a good story to tell.]
Wilson Got to find a story. Got to find a story.
[Wilson stops to see Vee talking to Mtambo about the situation at the Safari Park.]
Vee ...And they need you there right away.
Mtambo Okay, Vee. I'm leaving now!
[Wilson chases after Mtambo.]
Wilson Mtambo! Mtambo!
Mtambo I'm sorry, Wilson. I have no time to talk. A rhino has escaped the Safari Park and they need my help!
Wilson (gasp) That sounds like a great story!
Mtambo (chuckles) Not really. She did not get far. We'll have her back in no time. It won't be very exciting.
Wilson You forget, I'm the best radio host in Chuggington. I make everything exciting.
[Wison and Mtambo roll out of the scene and it later cuts to Wilson and the Recycling Yard getting ready for his story.]
Wilson Helloooo, Chuggington! I'm your rolling host, Wilson... and what's this? Do-do-do-do-do! A news flash just came in! A rhino has escaped the Safari Park!
[Hoot and Toot rolls past without even noticing the radio.]
Wilson Hmm, I need to make this more exciting.
[Jackman rolls up next to a speak and stops.]
Wilson (through speakers) Two rhinos are on the loose!
[Jackman then continues on.]
Wilson Why aren't they stopping?
[Zephie comes by the speaker.]
Wilson News flash! Twenty rhinos are on the loose!
[Zephie's attention was soon caught and she stopped.]
Wilson (through speakers) Twenty rhinos running wild in Chuggington!
Zephie T- t- t- t- twenty?! R- r- r- rhinos?! AHHHHH!
[Scene cuts to the movie playing through the Roundhouse Drive-In with the chuggers all watching it until Zephie interupts.]
Zephie Stop the movie! Stop the movie! It's an emergency! You need to listen to the radio!
[The movie stops running and everything starts listening to the radio.]
Wilson (through speakers) There's no need for alarm, but what's this? The sound of thumping feet on the ground? Could it be.. a rhino stampede!
Brewster, Koko, Hoot and Toot A RHINO STAMPEDE!
[Everyone evacuates the Ride-In and starts panicking everywhere.]
Brewster, Koko, Zephie and Hoot AHHHH!
[Jackman backs up too far and accidentally pushes Zephie off the track.]
Zephie Woah-oh! Oof! Help! I'm stuck!
Koko Someone help Zephie!
[Jackman gets his crane and accidentally knocks over a sign, but he picks Zephie back onto the rails again.]
Hoot This way!
Toot No, this way!
Hoot No, this way!
Old Puffer Pete Everyone seek shelter! I'll get help!
[Scene cuts to Pete rushing in the Depot for assistance until he meets up with Wilson.]
Wilson Pete! What's the hurry? Aren't you supposed to be at the movie?
Old Puffer Pete I'm going for help! You get to safety before the... wait a minute... if you're here, where's the stampede?
Wilson Rhino stampede? Well... um... you know... it sounded like it headed towards... or maybe it was... um... okay, okay. Maybe it was really only one rhino and it's a;ready been caught.
Old Puffer Pete One? I thought it was twenty?
Wilson I might have exaggerated a teeny bit...
Old Puffer Pete "A teeny bit"? Everyone's in a total panic!
Wilson They are? Oh, bumpers, I didn't mean to scare anybody. I just wanted to make the story exciting.
Old Puffer Pete Well, someone could have been hurt!
Wilson You're right. I should tell them the truth.
[Scene cuts to Wilson at the Roundhouses apologising.]
Wilson I said things that weren't true, and I'm really sorry. I promise to clean up the mess I made and I know won't want to listen to me anymore after this. This is Wilson, signing off, forever.
[Wilson turns off the Radio Car and backs away. the next day Wilson is seen with a wagon crane, fixing the damage caused the night before.]
Wilson (sighs)
[Brewster rolls up.]
Brewster Hey, Wilson, you okay?
Wilson I really let everyone down, especially Pete, and Radio Chuggington is gone for good.
Brewster I don't know about that...
[The speaker at the Drive-In turns and Wilson and Brewster starts listening to it.]
Koko (through speakers) Helloooo, Chuggington! We know you're used to hearing stories on the radio, so we have a new one for you.
Old Puffer Pete (through speakers) It's a story about a super chugger! His name is Wilbert, uh... Wallace... Wilfred...
Koko (through speakers) Wilson!
Wilson Huh?
[Scene cuts over the Repair Shed where Koko and Pete are there with the Radio Car broadcasting over Chuggington.]
Koko And even though he made a mistake, he's doing everything he can to make it right.
Old Puffer Pete Now we have a message for our favourite radio host: thanks for all the great stories and we can't wait to hear what you tell us next.
[Wilson rolls up next to the Repair Shed.]
Wilson Really? You'd listen to my show again? Even after what I did?
Old Puffer Pete Of course we will.
Koko We love your stories!
[Zephie rushes around the bend with urgent news for Wilson.]
Zephie Wilson! Wilson! You've gotta get over to the Dock! Skipper Stu is going for the Crate-lifting record!
Wilson Right! I'm on it!
[Wilson couples back to the Radio Car and set that microphone back on him heads his way to the Docks.]
Wilson Helloooo, Chuggington! This is your rolling radio host, Wilson, signing back on! Taking you from the railways to the airwaves!
[Wilson passes by the Working Wheels Yard and rushes quickly towards the Fuel Yard.]
Wilson We're heading to the Docks for some breaking news! Do-do-do-do-do! Do-do-do-do-do!