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“Pete! What's the hurry? Aren't you supposed to be at the movie?"
"I'm going for help! You get to safety before the... wait a minute... if you're here, where's the stampede?”
―Wilson and Old Puffer Pete

Wilson's Broadcast Blues is the third episode of the sixth season.


Wilson is chosen to appear on Radio Chuggington and decides to exaggerate a news story when his friends want to see a movie instead of listen to the radio.


Rolling Stock






  • The Action Chugger movie that the chuggers watch reuses footage from Out in the Cold.
  • This episode marks the first of two things for Old Puffer Pete.
    • The first episode where he is voiced by Mick Wingert in the US dub.
    • The first episode where he wears a pair of head lamps permanently.
  • A promotional image listed this episode as The Broadcast Blues. This was most likely a working title.
  • The Lone Locomotive is a parody of "The Lone Ranger", a fictional masked former Texas Ranger who fought outlaws in the American Old West with his Native American friend Tonto.


  • In the US and UK dubs, Michael G. Stern and Michael Byers are credited for voicing Jackman despite him not speaking in the episode.
  • Toot has Hoot's voice when she gasps during Wilson's first story.
  • Skipper Stu is not on the turntable's rails.
  • Koko and Hanzo's coaches disappear in one shot during their race.
  • Zephie is smiling when she starts panicking over the "twenty rhinos on the loose."
  • Brewster is missing his Chuggineer gear in the scene of him arriving at the Repair Shed.
    • He is also missing his Chuggineer gear in the scene where everyone starts to panic over the "rhino stampede".
  • When Wilson is putting the warning sign upright, he is missing his Chug Patrol gear.
  • Old Puffer Pete's leading wheels are missing when Zephie arrives at the Repair Shed.