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“Let's ride the rails!”
―Wilson's catchphrase

Wilson is a red diesel-electric hybrid chugger, and the main protagonist of the series. He is currently an advanced apprentice trainee and works at Chug Patrol.


Sometime after the three trainees began training, Wilson, Brewster and Koko ventured outside the Depot to make their first delivery. Along the way, a power cut occurred, causing Koko (an electric engine) to become stranded in the countryside. Wilson would be the one to take her back to the Depot, while Brewster finished the run to Tootington. [1] Not long afterwards, Wilson would transport Ebo, an elephant, to the new Safari Park in preparation for its opening. [2]

Additionally, Wilson and Brewster made their first journey to the quarry (with Wilson stopping Brewster from having a nasty accident as a result of an overloaded hopper car)[3], and, along with Brewster and Koko, helped Hodge find Eddie a new home after him being late for work each day started to become an issue.[4] Accompanied by Koko, Wilson also briefly journeyed through the underground tunnels and into the rural countryside, which resulted in Koko coming off the rails; thankfully, Brewster was still in the Depot and had Calley bring the two to safety. [5]

Soon afterwards, Wilson would participate in the Chugger Championship, but unfortunately broke down along the route; luckily, Koko would tow him out of the way of other chuggers before a collision could be caused. [6] He would additionally bring a load of ice cream to the fair from Felix's farm, but became carried away after being offered a tour at the Ice Cream Factory. [7] As well as helping out at Safari Park as a tour guide for a time[8], Wilson assisted Koko in maintaining the Recycling Yard while Irving was at the Docks, and brought a special hand-made roll of paper from the Paper Mill for the printers.[9]

Wilson would additionally get a taste of flying after he tried on one of the jet packs.[10] Around this time, Wilson would be found to be the culprit of the infamous incident with the Storm Maker, a futuristic weather simulator, which would cause the evacuation of the entire Depot. [11] He and the other trainees would also perform a special show for Old Puffer Pete's one hundred and fiftieth birthday. [12]

Wilson would make his first trip to Chug Town to pick up a large mirror from a department store. [13] As well as being briefly painted green as a result of Hoot's colour blindness,[14] he would be given the job of taking pictures around Chuggington for a promotional poster advertising the city,[15] and was caught in an avalanche after following Harrison through the snow while he was on plowing duty. [16] Additionally, Wilson temporarily took control of the Fuel Yard while Hodge and Eddie were at the emergency,[17] and was chosen by Dr. Ling to host a news report about Border Bridge.[18]

Wilson also took the newly appointed mayor around Chuggington,[19] and took care of the then new trainee Piper- after she ran away to the quarry, Wilson completed his training with the Chug Catcher by stopping her with it. [20]

Wilson was eventually offered a place on Chug Patrol, to which he happily accepted. On his last day off before starting work, Wilson saved Koko from a collapsing Rocky Ridge Mine after she had derailed exploring it it; [21] soon after, Wilson would rescue Emery, who had disappeared due to becoming stranded in the forest.[22] Later on, Wilson would take the nightshift at Safari Park, and discovered Old Puffer Pete's habit for sleep-riding, which landed him in an assortment of difficult situations.[23]

Some other rescues by Wilson include freeing Old Puffer Pete from a smashed box of metal chains,[24] using CP2 to pull Brewster out of Rocky Ridge River,[25] and, with the help of the other chuggers up at the mountain, pulled Fletch out of a snow drift during a winter storm. [26] Additionally, Wilson guided Koko and Mayor Pullman to Chug Town for the Parade of Lights,[27] and was one of the many chuggers effected by the severe diesel shortage caused by the Docks being unable to transport any to the Depot. [28]

As well as still working for Chug Patrol, Wilson received the job of hosting Radio Chuggington, with Old Puffer Pete as an assistant. [29] Some time later, Wilson and Brewster teamed up for the Rip Roaring Relay Race against Koko and Zephie, of which the former two won.[30] Additionally, Wilson, Brewster and Koko helped Rosa find a new job, and attempted to bring her back to her home in San Locomota for the Noche de Estrellas festival, but turned back after the chuggers were struck by an avalanche along the way. [31] Wilson also briefly worked for the Chuggineers after switching jobs with Brewster, but soon realised that Chuggineering was not for him. [32]


Wilson is a lively, red diesel engine with lots of enthusiasm. He has a severe case of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), which means he has a difficulty to pay attention to instructions, so he often finds himself in deep water. For example, he may pay attention to the dispatch board to see which tunnel to take, but as he emerges on the other side, he realizes that he forgot to listen to where he is supposed to be going. Wilson's curiosity has also proved to get the better of him; most notably when he caused the infamous incident with the Storm Maker and flew high into the air by trying out one of the jet packs.

While everything Wilson does is mostly in good heart, he does not always realize the full extent of his actions. For example, when Zephie denied Wilson's request to join her "star club", he decided to make his own; unfortunately, this caused Hoot and Toot to nearly be separated from each other, as well as many chuggers almost cutting ties. [33] Additionally, while quite rare, Wilson has shown to have a jealous side; for example, when Hoot and Toot began helping out Frostini (one of Wilson's biggest idols), he immediately began competing with the two to try and impress the famous ice cream chugger. [34]

Wilson is also not very good at concentrating and can lose focus from something as small as a butterfly- for which he finds unusually fascinating. Wilson sometimes gets frustrated that he is not as strong as Brewster or as fast as Koko, for he does not fully understand his own special talents yet. Wilson has lots of confidence in his everyday surroundings, but is suddenly unsure when presented with something new or unfamiliar. Regardless, he is a great friend to all around Chuggington.

Technical Details


Wilson is based on an EMD F-Unit, a line of diesel-electric locomotives produced between November 1939 and November 1960 by General Motors Electro-Motive Division and General Motors-Diesel Division.


Wilson is painted red with white frame-like linings, blue lining, and dark blue wheel trucks. His portholes, light frames and horn are gold.

In Hoot v. Toot, Wilson was mistakenly painted green due to Hoot confusing green for red as a result in him being colourblind. He was quickly repainted back into his original livery when the problem was noticed.

In Chug-o-flage, Wilson has himself painted to look like a parrot in an effort to blend in with the wildlife at the Safari Park, only to end up scaring all of the animals there. The colours to his camouflage consist of red, yellow, blue and white, imitating the hues of a scarlet macaw.




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Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Can't Catch Koko You for a Day

Throughout the first five seasons, a similar-sounding variation of Wilson's horn would be used, with it and the original horn coexisting alongside each other and being utilised sporadically until the sixth season, where it would be completely fazed out.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Wilson and the Elephant I Dream of Ice Cream in 2D

In one scene of Koko and the Tunnel, Wilson is incorrectly portrayed with a different horn sound.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Koko and the Tunnel Koko and the Tunnel

In the fifth season episode, Trainee Camp, Wilson is incorrectly depicted with Fletch's horn.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Trainee Camp Trainee Camp

In the second and sixth season episodes Snowstruck Wilson and Chugging Home for the Holidays, the Badge Quest episode Pull Together and the All Aboard! short, Snow Day, Wilson is depicted with the standard-pitch snow horn sound.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Snowstruck Wilson Chugging Home for the Holidays


  • Although Chuggington does not have an official main protagonist, Wilson is the closest the series has to one. He appears most prominently in episodes, the majority with a leading role, as well as in various products and promos. In addition, he serves as the face for most of the series' representation and advertising.
  • As revealed in The Royal Chugger, Wilson's serial number is #100; originally however, he was thought to be #001, due to Morgan reading his number upside down.
    • The reveal of Wilson's serial number additionally implies that Wilson has at least ninety-nine siblings.
  • Wilson is one of two chuggers whose interior has been shown at one point or another; Wilson's controls would be seen in Wilson's Icy Escapade, while a set of steps leading to his cab would briefly be seen in the Discover Chuggington: All Aboard! short, Chug N Roll. The only other chugger whose interior has been shown is Koko, whose controls were briefly shown in the Chuggington: Badge Quest episode, Ready to Roll.
  • In German, Wilson's catchphrase is "Wir gleiten auf den Gleisen!" which means "We're sliding on the rails!" In Polish it is "Koła na tory!" which means "Wheels to the rails!".
  • Wilson's horn sound is the same as Brewster's, albeit at a higher pitch.
    • Wilson's horn has also been used in various pieces of other media, usually serving as a boat's horn.
  • Wilson is the only trainee to have two different horn sound effects throughout the series.
  • Compared to his basis, his portholes and vents below the large vent were merged into one, and the doors are at the same height, making him look like as if he were built to run on British rail lines.
  • As revealed in Outward Bound Olwin, Wilson was the youngest of the trainees up until Hoot and Toot were introduced.
  • Wilson has astraphobia (the fear of thunder and lightning), as seen in Chug Patrol: Mission Thunder.
  • Wilson, Brewster and Chatsworth are the only chuggers to have been seen twitching their headlights as noses; the former would be seen doing this in Braking Brewster, while the latter two would in Squeaky Clean and Brewster Leads the Way.
  • Wilson has a speaking appearance in every episode of the third season and is the only character in the series to have this oddity.
  • When the first three seasons and Badge Quest returned to the British catch-up and streaming app, BBC iPlayer, Wilson's voice would be dubbed over with new recordings from Teddy West, his current voice actor in the British dub. This may have been done due to the ill-suited events regarding Wilson's original British voice actor, Morgan Overton in 2020.
  • On the twenty-eighth of December, 2011, a massive balloon of Wilson made its debut in the Port of San Diego Big Bay Balloon Parade in San Diego, California, United States. The balloon was reused for the next few years before its supposed retirement. [35]
  • In the Albanian dub, he is called "Uilson".
  • In the Croatian dub, he is called "Vili".
  • In the Greek dub, he is called "Gouil".
  • In the Japanese dub, he is called "ウィルソン (Uiruson)".
  • In the Russian dub, he is called "Уилсон (Uilson)".
  • In the Korean dub, he is called "윌슨 (Wilseun)".
  • In the Ukrainian dub, he is called "Вілсон (Vilsona)".
  • Wilson's favourite colour is red.[36]


“Wheels to the rails!”
―One of Wilson's catchphrases[src]
―Another one of Wilson's catchphrases[src]
“I'm Wilson-tini and I make great ice cream-ey!”
―Wilson impersonating Frostini[src]
“Leave it to odd job Wilson- I'll keep everything rolling along while you're gone!”
―Wilson to Hodge and Eddie, Scrub-a-Chug[src]
“…And then, Frostini let me try it; but I accidentally added hot sauce/jalapeños and wowzers- that ice cream was spicy. Eddie turned bright red!”
―Wilson reminiscing about his first time at the Ice Cream Factory to Mayor Pullman, Sleepyhead Koko[src]