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“And Brewster, who do you appreciate?"
"You, Vee! I appreciate you! You always keep an eye out for me! You encourage me to do my best, and thanks to you, Chuggington runs like clockwork!"
"Oh, Brewster! Thank you! For once, I'm lost for words!”
―Vee and Brewster

Who Do You Appreciate? is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the twenty-sixth episode overall.


Wilson and Brewster arrive at the Depot to meet Vee, who instead of having them earn a badge, gives one to them so they can give it to someone who they appreciate. It's their chance to give it to someone that makes them feel special, but they're only allowed one badge to give.

The two trainees go out to try and give someone their badges, but thinking of someone who they appreciate is harder than it seems. Brewster wants to give the badge to one of his best friends, but thinks once he makes one happy, the other will feel upset. Wilson then thinks to give the badge over to Mtambo, but immediately runs over to see Frostini who was his final decision.

Meanwhile, Brewster was still left to think of who he appreciated. He first thought of Action Chugger, but after seeing Vee hard at work, he knew what his final decision would be. The trainees later head over to the Training Yard to tell Vee who to give the badge to. Wilson rushes off to see Frostini, and Brewster tells Vee of how much he appreciated her, that with her around, Chuggington runs like clockwork. Feeling flattered, Vee was left speechless after hearing Brewster's kind words.


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  • This episode marks Speedy's first appearance. While Frostini's Meltdown premiered in the United Kingdom before this episode, since the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest was produced before the second series, this makes this episode his first chronological appearance in the series.
  • As Brewster told Vee he appreciated her, her lights started glowing in a red colour. This could indicate that when Vee feels a strong emotion, her lights will change colours into that emotion. In this case, she's flushed by Brewster's message.
  • An alternate model of Hodge with a drastically different coupler design resembling the one seen in his concept art appears in the storyboard for this episode.[1]


  • In the American dub, Angelo Cola was not credited for voicing Frostini.
  • During the first two shots that he appears in, Frostini's coupler clips through his front, as a result of the model being in its default position.

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