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“Huh? Dunbar didn't change anything! That load is exactly the same weight.”
―Koko examining Brewster's load

Weighing It Up is the first episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the first episode overall.


The trainees arrive at the Depot to try for their "weighing it up" badges. At the Loading Yard, Dunbar uses the magnet car to load a specific amount of crates onto the trainees' flatcars, to which they determine if their load has increased or decreased in weight.

Koko and Wilson do fine on their turns; while Dunbar stacks the crates onto Brewster's flatcar, Peckum hitches onto it, causing the flatcar to become slightly heavier. Noticing the increase in weight, Brewster guesses that his load is heavier, when in reality it was supposed to be exactly the same as before. Suddenly, Peckum emerges from the crates, to which the others realise the reasoning behind Brewster's guess.

The trainees return to the Training Yard to receive their badges.


Rolling Stock[]






  • This episode marks the first of a few things:
    • The first Chuggington: Badge Quest episode, but not to the first to be produced.
    • The first appearances of Wilson, Brewster, Koko, Dunbar, Calley, Emery, Zephie, Harrison, Chatsworth, Vee and Lori in a Chuggington: Badge Quest episode.
    • The first Chuggington production with Jacqueline White as producer.
    • The first Chuggington production to not have Diane Redmond as producer, as she left after the first season.


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