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“Hmm, what did Harrison say? Oh, yeah! Take it up a gear!”

Watch Out Wilson! is the thirty-first episode of the first season.


One morning, Harrison told himself that he can do everything, but Wilson thought that Harrison was talking to him. Brewster and Koko tried to tell him that he was talking to himself, but Wilson became so confident that he didn't believe them. Dunbar is about to teach Wilson, Koko and Brewster something very special. He turns on a turntable towards the eighth track and then back backwards. Wilson chose a fire car from Calley and went first, but he failed twice, so he tried to ask Eddie to fix it, but Eddie just laughed at him. Once he came back, he tried again, but this time, he came off the rails. He is then given mirrors by Morgan. He thinks that everyone is going to laugh, but no one does. Harrison also had mirrors, and so did Action Chugger.


Rolling Stock






  • Going by production order, this is the thirty-fifth episode of the first season.
  • Despite not speaking in the English dubs, Eddie is heard laughing in the Latin American and Brazilian Portuguese dubs.
  • Modified stock footage from Frostini's Fruit Fandango is used.


  • The fire car squirts the water when it derails, but no one controls it.
  • Calley's coupling rods do not move while on her way to the Training Yard.
  • When Morgan tells Wilson how much concentration going backwards around a loop takes while giving him a check up, his hair clips through the rotator's bar.

Other Languages

Language Title
French Attention, Wilson!
German Pass auf, Wilson!
Japanese ウィルソンとサイドミラー
Polish Uwaga, Wilson!
Spanish Cuidado Wilson! (Latin America)

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