Wake Up Wilson is the forty-seventh episode of Season 1.


One evening, Koko and Wilson are racing all around the depot when Vee orders them to stop; not only it is time for them to go back to their roundhouses, Wilson needs a good night's sleep in readiness for his first trip with the mail run the following day. So, Wilson and Koko return to their berths.

However, Koko and Wilson are still having too much fun to get to sleep, and they end up having a competition to see who can stay awake the longest. Koko falls asleep first, and Wilson finally falls asleep just as the dawn begins to break.

The next morning, Wilson, still feeling very sleepy, sets off on his first mail run. However, during his journey, Wilson falls asleep whilst waiting for a green signal, almost misses a cargo of mail, and even falls asleep whilst inside a tunnel. As a result, Wilson is falling behind schedule, and Chatsworth, waiting at the mail depot, is becoming impatient.

Later Vee tells Dunbar that Wilson is running late, and Koko realises that this is partially her fault for keeping Wilson awake all night. Quickly, she finds Wilson and tells him to get moving, but by the time Wilson reaches the mail depot, he's too late - Chatsworth had already left with all the other mail sacks. Feeling bad and knowing he must make up for his mistake, Wilson offers to get his load of mail delivered to the other stations. So, once all the mail is sorted out, Wilson sets off with delivering his mail.

Once back at Chuggington, Vee congradulates Wilson for making up for his mistake, but Wilson tells Vee that he's going to get an early night's rest; he now knows the importance of sleep - a good night's rest gives the right conditions for a good day's work.



  • This episode marks the only appearance of Brown Harrison. 


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