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Background Information[]

Vee is a fictional railway announcer created by Sarah Ball.

Since her introduction in the series, she would become one of the most prominent recurring characters, appearing frequently in episodes.

Vee has no exact basis, but her speakers represent Public Announcer Systems (P.A Systems for short).

Behind the Scenes[]

Logo Design[]

During pre-production, Vee was used to portray the series' logo. Her screens represented as each letter spelling out 'Chuggington'.

CGI Model[]

In 2007, Vee was designed by Volume Studios[1] in the 3D modeling software Sketchup for the production of the first season. The model would later be exported to another software, Maya, for further use.

Vee had a couple of modifications throughout the series:

Season 1:

  • Her neck becomes shorter in later episodes.
  • In Braking Brewster, the tunnel colours on the screen were a slight lighter hue than how they normally are. This is likely due to that fact that Braking Brewster was produced before Can't Catch Koko.

Voice Actors[]

  • Maria Darling (UK; Seasons 1-5)
  • Jacqueline Davis (UK; Season 6 only)
  • Johnnie Fiori (US; Seasons 1-5)
  • Julie Wions (US; Season 6 only)
  • Jozefina Luci (Albania)
  • Nera Stipičević (Croatia)
  • Mervi Takatalo (Finland)
  • Cátia Massotti (Brazil; Season 6 only)
  • Melanie Henríquez (Latin America; Seasons 1-3)
  • Mireya Jaurez (Latin America; Season 6 only)
  • Mary Nieves (Los Angeles Spanish dub)
  • Barbara Villa (Italy)
  • Shoko Haida (Japan)
  • Sarah MacDonald Berge (Norway)
  • Natalya Kaznacheyeva (Russia)
  • Yolanda Pérez Segoviano (Spain)
  • Susanne Sternberg (Germany)
  • Marine Jolivet (France and French speaking Canada; Seasons 1-5)
  • Lee So-yeong (South Korea)
  • Ana Saltão (Portugal; JimJam dub)
  • Gabriela Codrea (Romania)