Vee is the main announcer at Chuggington who informs the engines on what to do. Vee has a warm voice and has the important role of keeping Chuggington running on time and on schedule. She has loudspeaker poles placed almost everywhere, and in the depot can be interchanged or moved around on various blue pedestals.

Vee is a motherly, caring figure with a soft spot for the trainees; always ensuring they understand her instructions and always on hand to help. This requires a great deal of patience sometimes; answering Brewster's endless questions and double-checking that Wilson is paying attention. Vee is usually the first to pick up on anything going wrong - or right, for that matter, and always congratulates the trainees on a job well done.

Vee is a self-aware AI, and can be stern at chuggers who misbehave, but always gives them advice and teaching.


  • Vee has been seen in almost every episode, up until seasons 4-5 where many of her poles have been decommissioned, where her appearances are much rarer. As of Season 6,she is a more prominent character.
  • She has countless models of herself around Chuggington, so she can talk to any Chugger at all times.
  • When talking, she moves her speakers like they're hands, and also the main body.
  • The colors of her head lights can change color when she speaks, and can also change to a color that relates to how she is feeling.
  • She runs on electricity. When the power is out, her model can't move freely and stands upright.
  • A Chugger can talk to Vee at anytime by saying 'Chugger to Vee' near one of her models.
  • The model's head resembles a traffic light and her arms resemble megaphones, she has a monitor to locate to the tunnel or seeing a badge.
  • It is not known if Vee is actually a human, because she is only shown as countless models but her voice resembles that of a woman in her 30s.
  • Vee shares a mother-like bond with the Trainees, particularly Wilson.
  • Vee might be a reference to anonymous character V in graphic novel V for Vendetta.
  • In Polish, she is called "Wiola". In German, she is called "Fee", which is not only a given name, but also the German word for "fairy".
  • As stated in the episode The Record Breakers, Vee holds the record for the loudest announcements.

Voice Actors

  • Maria Darling (UK; Season 1-5)
  • Jacqueline Davis (UK; Season 6-present)
  • Johnnie Fiori (US; Season 1-5)
  • Julie Wions (US; Season 6-present)
  • Melanie Henríquez (Latin America)
  • Barbara Villa (Italy)


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