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Background information[]

Tyne is fictional diesel locomotive created by Sarah Ball.

As the demolition expert of the Chuggineers, Tyne was introduced in the fourth series and became a recurring character until her removal in the sixth series.

Tyne is most likely loosely based on a hybrid between a Union Pacific Veranda GTEL and a Baldwin DR-6-4-1500, and is painted orange with yellow and white stripes, being the standard Chuggineer livery.

Tyne has not appeared in the series since the fifth series.

CGI model[]

In 2012, Tyne was designed and modelled by Ludorum in the 3D modelling software Maya during the production of the fourth series.


  • Series 5:
    • Her headlights become flat yellow instead of transparent.



  • Tyne's model was modelled in Maya by Alex Parkin.[1]

Voice actors[]

  • Carina Reeves (UK)
  • Jessica McDonald (US)
  • Annituuli Kasurinen (Finland)
  • Valeria Vidali (Italy)
  • Airi Ōtsu (Japan)
  • Brygida Turowska (Poland)
  • Natalya Kaznacheyeva (Russia)
  • Victoria Sébastian (France and French speaking Canada)