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Training Time, Harrison is the fifty-second and final episode of Season 1.


Vee needs a locomotive to pull the royal carriage for the Prince, so Harrison decides to get back to Chuggington as quickly as possible. Enroute, Harrison - high in his ego and arrogance, runs through a red light, causing Olwin to come off the rails, and he tells Chatsworth to go in the opposite direction saying that "the line is blocked" but really sending him on a wild goose chase.

Once back in Chuggington, Harrison takes the empty Royal Coach with Old Puffer Pete teaching him. But Harrison believes, that as he's a chugger - not a trainee, he doesn't need to learn from Old Puffer Pete; so he speeds ahead, much to the annoyance of Old Puffer Pete. Also, once back in Chuggington again, Chatsworth and Olwin scold Harrison for causing unnecessary confusion and delay. Vee is annoyed with Harrison's speedy attitude and arrogance; and along with the problems he caused earlier, Vee gives him two options as punishment - go back to the training yard, or be dismissed from duty of taking the carriage. Harrison reluctantly accepts the order of returning to the training yard, and is temporarily demoted to 'trainee chugger'.

Harrison, knowing that Wilson admires him, shows off around the yard and, as a result, Wilson comes off the rails. Harrison realizes his mistakes, knowing that he being setting a bad example to Wilson all the time. For the rest of the day, Vee revises Harrison on railway rules and warning signs. Then, the following day, Harrison brings in the Royal Coach with the Prince on board, following protocol along the way successfully.