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Train lights are devices that engines use at their front to light their path at night or in dark conditions. Tail-lights are lights mounted on the back of engines so that they can be seen from behind.

Almost all of the chuggers in Chuggington are fitted with built-in headlights, which are usually placed in the center or either side of their fronts. Chuggers such as Old Puffer Pete and Calley (formerly for the latter) are fitted with lamps that bear a resemblance to those used on British Railways. Most of the chuggers are fitted with electric lights or light bulbs, allowing them to turn the lights on and off at will.


  • The headlights for most of the chuggers also double as noses, as some such as Wilson, Brewster, Chatsworth and Frostini have been seen twitching their lights to indicate smell.
  • The light bulbs are known to go out but have never been seen being changed on screen. However, in the mobile game Chuggington: Ready to Roll, there is a feature where you can take the old bulbs out and change them manually by screwing them back on.
  • Olwin's eyes were designed to let her see where her headlamps should be, putting her actual light directly on her smokebox.
  • Old Puffer Pete was the only known engine to not have any lights until the sixth season. Prior to this, he only ever wore lights during nighttime and foggy scenes, but only during the fourth and fifth seasons.