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“You've earned your..."
"Do you mind if
we do this bit, Vee?"
"Go on, then!"
"Hear ye, hear ye! Wilson and Brewster..."
"..have earned their town crier badges!”
―Vee with Wilson and Brewster announcing their badges

Town Criers is the first episode of the second part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the twenty-seventh episode overall.


Brewster and Wilson wake up at the roundhouse to meet Vee, who instructs them on how to earn their "town criers" badges- the two chuggers are to go out in the depot and announce important news. Brewster is going to announce that the Chug Wash is closed for repairs, and Wilson is going to announce that there will be rain soon and the chuggers have to check their wipers are brakes.

Koko rushes out of the tunnels all filthy and covered in mud, making Hodge chuckle, then Brewster comes along to share his news, although, he is loud nor clear for the chuggers to hear or even care. For Wilson, he was perfect loud enough for everyone to hear, but made his news very bland and common. Brewster went out and tried announce his message again, but just as he was speaking, Koko came in and stole his thunder. Wilson did his announcement again too, but this time he over exaggerated his news, putting everyone in a total panic. Thankfully, Vee stopped the mess and messaged it was light rain.

The trainees went over to the Training Yard and talking about their issues on earning the badge. Wilson was loud and clear, but exaggerated, Brewster got all his facts straight, but he wasn't getting any attention. That gave Brewster and Wilson the idea to help each other to be Town Criers. This time, Wilson got his facts evened out, and Brewster said his with a nice jingle.

Brewster and Wilson head back to the Training Yard to earn their badges, but announced it themselves.







  • This marks the first episode of the second part of Badge Quest.

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