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“They'd certainly see Chuggington through new eyes. Wait a minute! That's what Mtambo said to do.”

Tour Guide Harrison is the fifth episode of the fifth season.


At the Working Wheels Yard, Harrison tells Howie about his tour guide test that would take place later that day. Dunbar then approaches Harrison about what coaches he wants to use for his test, and suggest that he looks in the Underground Store. Hoot and Toot lead him there, to which he finds the perfect coaches that he takes to Dunbar for him to respray. Dunbar asks a favor of Harrison that he takes a car to Covered Bridge, to which he accepts.

Harrison meets Chatsworth on the way, and asks him what would be a good place to end his tour. Chatsworth suggests Border Bridge, but Harrison objects as it is too far away. At Covered Bridge, Cormac asks Harrison to take another car to the quarry, which he does- however, he becomes lost in the salt mines and has to be lead out by Zack.

Back at the Depot, Harrison finds himself filthy, and cannot be cleaned in time for his test because the Working Wheels Yard is full. Then, Harrison has an idea- he will make the tour about what goes on in Chuggington behind the scenes.

Harrison takes his passengers to the Working Wheels Yard where he is cleaned, then to the salt mines, and finally to the Drop and Load Yard where he is congratulated by Hanzo who tells him that he has passed his test.


Rolling Stock[]






  • This is the first episode of Chuggington where neither Wilson, Brewster or Koko speak.
  • This episode also marks the final occurrence of a few things.
    • The final episode where Hoot and Toot are voiced by Tommy Romer Lee and Mihira Phillip in the UK dub, and Ben Hudson and Tori Feinstein in the American dub.
    • The last appearance of the Salt Mines.
    • Dunbar, Harrison and Chatsworth's final speaking roles to date.
    • Harrison's last staring role in an episode.
    • The Spray Shed's last appearance to date, as well its only appearance in the fifth season.
  • Old Puffer Pete's single line of dialogue is reused from the fourth season episode, Chief Wilson.
  • Speedy's single line of dialogue is reused from the third season episode, Undercover Action Chugger in the UK, and the fourth season episode, Brewster Makes Tracks in the US. This line would be used again later in Delivery Challenge and Koko Express. This is possibly due to Speedy's British voice actor, Warren Clarke's passing in late 2014.


  • Brewster is missing his Chuggineer hazard stripes.
  • Despite the fact that the Spray Shed was removed in the fourth season to make room for Chug Patrol Headquarters, it still appears in this episode. However, as this isn't the only instance of this happening, it simply may have been moved to a different location.
  • The captions on Hulu misspells Mtambo's name as M'tambo.