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“Oh, Wilson! You're not a bird! Anyways, you didn't tell anyone, did you?"
"Pfft, 'course not!”
―Koko and Wilson

Top Secret Koko is the tenth episode of the third season.


Mtambo tells Koko that he and Dr. Gosling are filming the bat dance tonight when Koko brings them a wagon. She goes to the training yard where Wilson, Brewster, Calley and Skylar are. Skylar teaches the Trainees how to use the 'piggy back wagon' (a flatbed that chuggers can drive on top of). When teaching is over, Koko and Brewster race Wilson and Calley on the Piggy-Back cars around Chuggington, Wilson and Calley get to a tunnel and have to go another way because the tunnel is too small for Calley and the flatbed to go through. When they all stop at a signal, Koko tells Wilson about her secret after being offended by Wilson who thinks she's been acting weird. Koko then tells Wilson not to tell anybody about the secret, but Wilson doesn't listen and tells Decka, Decka tells Emery, Emery tells Zephie, Zephie tells Hodge, Hodge tells Harrison, Harrison tells Olwin, Olwin tells Chatsworth, Chatsworth tells Irving and the word goes all around Chuggington. Koko gets to the Safari Park and Dr. Gosling and Mtambo put on her Chug-o-Flage. Wilson drives up telling her he hadn't told anyone, however every single chugger who was told of the event comes to the safari park; meanwhile Old Puffer Pete is alone at the Depot. The chuggers all say who they told and Mtambo says their shot is ruined because no-one could keep a secret. All the Chuggers go back to the depot, but Koko stops halfway back and records the birds singing, which makes the bats dance. Koko rushes back to Mtambo, where the bats had come back, and plays her recording and the bats dance.


Rolling Stock






  • This episode marks the first of a few things:
    • The first appearance of Skylar, although this episode aired in the UK before Skylar's Squad and Brewster's Crane Training, meaning that the British audiences would not know who Skylar is.
    • The first appearance of Decka.
    • The first episode to be written by Kate Scott and the only episode to be written by her in this season.


  • Emery mentions how Hodge was the only one that he told about the bat dance; when in truth, Zephie was the one that he told about the news, and Zephie was the one who spread the news to Hodge.