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The Training Yard was where the trainees do their training with Dunbar and Calley.


The Training Yard is as its name implies, a training center, and also an good place for hosting events- it has been the stage for Old Puffer Pete's birthday show, the Chug Quiz and even the film set for an Action Chugger movie. The Yard consists of an emergency stop station, a rotating traverser, a ramp for testing certain weather conditions and many switches and sidings. While it is unknown how old the current yard is, it can be assumed that every chugger who was a trainee in Chuggington has trained there.

There are many exits from the Training Yard- one leads to Dunbar's shed, another to Roundhouse Park, and another that leads into some of the Colored Tunnels.




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  • Despite the fact that the Training Yard appeared regularly throughout the first three seasons, as Wilson, Brewster and Koko moved on to advanced training, the yard was seen very irregularly; while it has been seen in the background of many episodes, no scenes have been set in the yard since the fourth season episode, Round Up Wilson.