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“You can't... dig up that tree!"
"Why not?"
"It's the oldest tree in Chuggington!”
―Koko and Brewster

The Trainee and the Tree is the thirty-sixth episode of the sixth season.



While on his first solo job laying tracks, Brewster discovers the oldest tree in Chuggington and must decide whether to finish the job or save an important part of Chuggington.


Zack assigns Brewster with a very special job; laying the track that will create a connection between Checker Junction and Curvy Crest. Brewster, wanting to please Zack, gets to work at once. He lays the track in a unique style, giving the tracks curves, while maintaining an efficient route. Zack briefly arrives to check on Brewster, to which he is very impressed with his unique track layout. After a little while, Brewster is halted by a big tree blocking the way. While he originally considered moving around the tree, due to the fact that he had used up all of the curves, he leaves to fetch the digger wagon to dig it up.

On his way to fetch the digger wagon, Brewster meets up with Koko and tells her about his big job and the tree. Koko later meets Old Puffer Pete, and after hearing about Brewster's job, tells Koko about his love for the big tree, and how excited he was to finally be able to see it up close. He also tells Koko that the tree is the oldest in all of Chuggington. Realizing the tree's importance, Koko rushes to Checker Junction to stop Brewster from digging it up.

Koko arrives just in time to stop Brewster from digging up the tree; nearly derailing on the curved tracks. Brewster tells Koko about how he wants to impress Zack, leading her to having second thoughts, but after the two trainees discover that there is a family of birds living in the tree, Brewster knows that he simply can't dig it up. Then, he has the idea to lure the birds away with bird seed; after spilling some on himself, he leads them to a big tree. However, when Brewster and Koko return to the tree, the two realize that the birds have followed them back.

Brewster begins to feel upset- he wants to impress Zack, but at the same time, doesn't want to destroy the birds' home. He decides to rip up the curved tracks that he had layed, and uses them to lay the track around the tree. That evening, Zack arrives to inspect the track. He notices the straight tracks, to which Brewster explains that he reused them to preserve the tree. Zack tells Brewster that he is proud of him, for he finished the job and also preserved an important piece of history. Pete also arrives to see the tree while on the way to Safari Park to deliver some bird seed.


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