Chuggington Wiki

The suburban area of Chuggington is where most of the city's residents live. Both the green and red lines run through here.

The later half of the Chugger Championship takes place here. [1] Additionally, Frostini serves ice cream to the area's residents daily. [2]

In terms of events, Wilson nearly collided with Emery during one of the annual Chugger Championships, [1] and high winds also caused disruption to several routes as a result of spilt logs. [3] Emery later took the newly appointed mayor here in preparation for her inauguration. [4]

A hardware store is also located near here. [3]



  • Strangely, Platform 6 and the Clock Tower, two Depot locations, are reused on the set for this location. This may imply that the suburbs are next to the Depot.
    • If this is true, that would mean that the suburbs are where the Training Yard is supposed to be.