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The Spray Shed is where chuggers or rolling stock go to be resprayed with a new coat of paint. It was opened between the first and second season of the series; in the first season, it was only used as a general storage shed.

After an agreement with each other and trying to clean their mistakes, Koko and Zephie head towards the Spray Shed to to get their paint off. Wilson also went to the Spray Shed to be repainted for a wedding at a hotel at Chug Town, but because of Hoot's colourblindness, Wilson was accidentally sprayed with green paint instead of red.

Sometime later, Action Chugger went undercover as an "ordinary chugger" and Dunbar helped Harrison get his coaches ready for his tour guide test.




  • The Spray Shed was removed in the fourth season to make room for Chug Patrol Headquarters, although it still makes an appearance in Fearless Wilson. While this could be a simple mistake, the shed's interior is also shown in The Old Silver Mine Line and Tour Guide Harrison, confirming that it still exists in an unknown location in Chuggington.