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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the chugger.

“The Spooky Chugger was at the Drop and Load Yard! I saw it!"
"There's no such thing as the Spooky Chugger, Wilson. You said so yourself."
"You know better than to listen to me!”
―Wilson and Brewster

The Spooky Chugger is the twenty-eighth episode of the sixth season.



"Rattling Rivets! The Spooky Chugger has returned! With unexplained happenings around Chuggington, the trainees are convinced the tracks are haunted."


Zephie is travelling home when she approaches the Spur Line tunnel, but hears an eerie sound coming from there. Scared, she runs away to Rocky Ridge Quarry, where Brewster is rock hauling. Old Puffer Pete then tells the two chuggers the story of the spooky chugger - warning them that if one links to its coupler, they will become a spooky chugger too.

Later that night, Zephie returns home very late after traveling around the Spur Line, due to becoming frightened again. Wilson, Brewster and Koko then offer to prove to her that the spooky chugger is not real. Wilson checks Chug Command at CPHQ, but sees a strange object lurking around the Drop and Load Yard, which all four chuggers quickly head towards.

At the Drop and Load Yard, Koko also sees the strange object and is quickly scared. Brewster, thinking that the other chuggers have all gone crazy, decides to prove himself that the spooky chugger doesn't exist. However, after the chuggers arrive at Spur Line Tunnel, he sees something lurking in there too - resulting in them all fleeing the scene. At Rocky Ridge Quarry, Zephie starts hearing strange sounds again, but this time, decides to follow them. The other chuggers believe that Zephie is under a curse from the spooky chugger, but Zephie admits that she is just tired of being a scaredy chugger all the time. After coming across the strange object once more, it is revealed to have been Old Puffer Pete covered with a tarp due to high winds all along.


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  • Going by production order, this is the thirtieth episode of the sixth season.
  • This episode marks the first occurrence of a couple things:


  • When Koko leaves the Roundhouses, she retains her speed booster; however, in the next scene, she does not.
  • Hoot and Toot's roundhouse door have their side profile removed from it due to the fact that Zephie used it throughout the episode. In reality, Zephie sleeps in the roundhouse opposite to the trainees'.
  • In the close-up shot of the Trainees entering the main Depot, the tracks leading to the Training Yard abruptly cut off.
    • In the same shot, the Elevated Track and most of the buildings between the Recycling Yard and the new Chug Wash are missing.
  • When Wilson gets scared at CPHQ, his wipers clip through his eyelids.
  • When the trainees enter the Drop and Load Yard, the Mega Chug Crane is missing for the first few shots. It later disappears again when Koko says: "Not me... well, maybe a little", only to reappear again in the very next shot.
  • When Old Puffer Pete gets spooked at the end of the episode, he zooms right towards a dead-end.

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