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The Scrub-a-Chug is a cleaning wagon commonly used for cleaning the underground tunnels.


The Scrub-a-Chug is typically used for cleaning the underground tunnels. When Eddie and Hodge had to leave for an emergency, Wilson was put in charge of their duties. After some mishaps with the Chug Wash, Wilson went to return the Scrub-a-Chug to its home, the underground rolling stock store; however, he noticed how dirty the underground tunnels were, and decided to clean them. After realizing that water was only making them dirtier, Wilson had the idea to use Chug Wash soap- the soap with the signature jingle stating that it cuts through grime. When Eddie and Hodge returned, they were very impressed with Wilson's idea.

Technical Details[]


The Scrub-A-Chug is painted rich brown and yellow with green highlights.



Chuggington: Badge Quest[]


  • In its debut episode, the Scrub-A-Chug used the original coupler design, despite the fact that at the time of its introduction, the new, more flexible coupler design had been introduced. This is most likely because it was modeled before the switch was made, with there being no reason to change it. The original coupler was eventually replaced by the newer design at some point during production of First Things First.



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