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“Huh. This is interesting."
"Is it a dent? I hope it's not a dent."
"Wow! I've never seen this before. Your serial number starts with 001."
"Is that good?"
"It's better than good. It means you were the first of your kind. You're like... Chuggington Royalty!”
―Morgan and Wilson

The Royal Chugger is the thirtieth episode of the sixth season.



When Wilson finds out he's the first of his kind, his friends deem him "Chuggington Royalty" - a title that quickly goes to his engine!


Rolling Stock[]






  • Going by production order, this is the thirty-second episode of the sixth season.
  • The song that Wilson hums while he's in the Chug Wash is reused from Wilson's Wag-A-Lag-On.
  • Dunbar's horn can be heard at the beginning of the episode, despite him being nowhere in sight.
  • The movie that Brewster and Koko were watching was the same movie that Hoot and Toot were watching in Chuggington Noir. The movie additionally uses edited black and white stock footage from The Mighty Koko.
  • The instrumental of the Celebrate Chuggington song can be heard in the beginning and end of the episode.
  • This episode reveals that Wilson was the one hundredth of his kind built and Brewster was the first.
    • This would also imply that Wilson has at least ninety-nine siblings.
  • In this episode, there is only one Chug Wash at the Depot instead of the usual two. While there is no in-universe explanation for this, it was likely done just for the sake of the episode's plot.


  • At one point near the end of the episode, Wilson's horn is raised up slightly from the center of his Chug Patrol siren.