A picture showing the 5 Roundhouses

The roundhouses are sheds with a turntable located in The Main Depot.

The Elevated Track runs on top of the Trainee's roundhouse and the Roundhouse opposite.

There are 5 roundhouses. The Trainee roundhouse, the Double-Decker Roundhouse. The Left roundhouse, the Right roundhouse and the round house opposite the trainees.

Many events took place in the roundhouses during the TV show, including the first season episode, Wilson and the Wild Wind (episode) where Wilson tries to get Harrison and Chatsworth with him but the both of them got in their spots, just in time, also the second season episode, Next Stop Space (episode) where a meteorite hits the roundhouse doors of the trainees' compound during the chase by Hoot and Toot and the first season episode, Old Puffer Pete's Firebox(episode) where Old Puffer Pete is resting but Zephie tried to help him but Olwin took him along.

There are a lot of un-used berths to allow space for new chuggers in the future.

Trainee Roundhouse

The Trainee Roundhouse has 4 stalls. One for Wilson, one for Brewster and one for Koko. Hoot and Toot also had one in Season 2.



Double-Decker Roundhouse


The Chuggers inside the Double Decker Roundhouse

The Double Decker Roundhouse has ten stalls; 5 on the top, and 5 on the bottom. It is seen in the opening theme song and in most episodes.


Double-Decker Roundhouse in the episodes


Opposite Roundhouse to the Trainee Roundhouse Chuggers

The roundhouse opposite tho the Trainee Roundhouse has 5 stalls, it is attached to the trainees roundhouse by a bridge that Emery runs over, the bridge has Vee's speakers to wake the chuggers up. It was the only roundhouse not to be full until Piper moved in.


Right to the Double Decker Roundhouse

Attached to the double decker round house, on the right, is another roundhouse.


Left to the Double Decker Roundhouse

Attached to the double decker round house, on the left, is another roundhouse.



There are several other in Chuggington for others chuggers.



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