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The Roundhouse Song is as song featured in the sixth season of Chuggington and the eighth short in the Discover Chuggington: All Aboard! series.


The roundhouse is the greatest place to start a brand new day
It’s where we plan all our adventures and head up on our way
We ride the rails; so much to see
So many things to learn
When the long day is over
It’s so great to return...
To the roundhouse!
Where each day starts and each day ends
The place we love to share with our best friends
We could play Chug-Tag in Roundhouse Park
Or watch a movie at the Drive-In after dark
The roundhouse is the greatest place to end a busy day
We go there after our adventures to dream the night away!
In the roundhouse!
Where each day starts and each day ends
The place we love to share with our best friends!




Voice actors[]



Live-action actor[]

  • Zara Rasti


  • The song marks the first appearances of Emery, Hodge, Cormac, Hoot and Toot in the All Aboard! shorts, as well as Cormac’s only appearance in them.
  • The shot of Wilson and Koko going into the yellow tunnel reuses animation data from Deputy Chug Patrollers, albeit with Wilson in Brewster's place.
  • The shot of Wilson and the butterfly reuses animation data from Babysitter Brewster.
  • The shot of Hoot, Toot, Emery, Frostini, Old Puffer Pete and Cormac reuses animation data from Sinkhole Rescue, albeit heavily modified.
  • The Training Yard makes a brief cameo in the final aerial shot of this short.
  • Several sections of animation from this short would serve as stock footage throughout Season 6; most notably the intro and the new closing credits.


  • Pete's running board briefly clips through his cylinders at one point during the song.
  • While Pete is rotating on the turntable for the first time, his buffer frames aren't rendered properly as they do not stay in the same position on his buffer beam when his mouth moves.



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