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The Roundhouse Drive-In is a cinema or theatre for chuggers located in Roundhouse Park. Action Chugger films are typically played here.


Many events have taken place at or near the Drive-In. Once, a short documentary premiered here with Emery as the narrator; however, Emery made slightly vulgar comments about certain chuggers throughout the film; which only he found very funny. Emery went on to apologize for his words, and was forgiven.

Another time, Hoot and Toot decided to watch an old film of Old Puffer Pete late at night, but became distracted; at the same time, the Docks' lighthouse had suffered from a power outage while a ship was coming in. Brewster and Hodge searched Chuggington to find the source of the power outage, and discovered that Hoot and Toot had left the film on while they had went off to play. Despite this, the Drive-In was not the source of the power outage, as Cormac's crane had received a new overpowered motor. Brewster and Hodge were able to tell Cormac to turn the crane off before the ship ran aground.




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  • All of the films that have been played at the Drive-In are filmed in a 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen); however, the Drive-In’s screen is actually wider than this, causing the films to be distorted.


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