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The Repair Shed is a huge workshop located in the Depot where chuggers are fixed when in need of repairs.


The Repair Shed is managed by Morgan and Lori, while some of the machinery used there for the repairs includes the Rotator and the Chug Scan. One time, Emery tried to fill in for the defect detector after it malfunctioned; however, Emery began pointing out mistakes when there wen’t any at all- causing the Repair Shed to be filled with chuggers complaining of problems that they didn’t have.

Another time, Harrison was forced to sit out of the Chug Quiz in the Repair Shed after his voice box broke- much to his dismay. Hodge was lucky enough to get the part, but he too ended up in the Repair Shed after his axel snapped while he was hauling a flatbed loaded with track. Luckily, Hodge was repaired in time to host the Chug Quiz later that night.


The Repair Shed appears in the background in most episodes. This list consists of the episodes where it plays a role in the story and/or scenes are set inside the building.



Chuggington: Badge Quest





  • Part of the elevated track used to run through the top of the Repair Shed - however, with the introduction of CPHQ, the track was cut off.
  • A coupler of the original design can be seen to this day in the Repair Shed.
  • In several early Season 1 episodes, most notably Clunky Wilson, The Repair Shed had a differently coloured roof with two lamps decorating it. This is believed to be a prototype design of the building. Similarly, some other early episodes featured the regular design with light blue doors instead of the normal brown ones.
  • The Repair Shed used to be dirty as the floors were covered in worn-out oil stains. However, starting from season 2, the Repair Shed had a clean up and the floors no longer had oil stains.