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The Recycling Yard is an area in the Depot run by Irving where rubbish from all around Chuggington is recycled and put to good use.


Quite a few events have taken place at the Recycling Yard. Once, Irving left Koko in charge after he was told to clean up at the Docks, to which the latter let Wilson help her. Wilson was eager to go on the tipper, and when Koko finally let him, he accidentally let go of a recycling car, causing much material to go sprawling across the ground. After a scowling by Irving, the two trainees spent all night cleaning up the mess. The junction box in the Recycling Yard is also the one that Hodge accidentally broke, causing the Depot to go into chaos.



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  • While the exterior has been seen and the yard has been mentioned infrequently, the Recycling Yard was not seen up close in Seasons 4-6.



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