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“Ugh! Why can't we do this?"
"You mean we can't break a record?"
"I don't think so. Maybe everyone's right. We're just... too little to do anything.”
―Zephie and Piper

The Record Breakers is the forty-third episode of the sixth season.



Zephie and Piper attempt to prove they are ready for the big jobs in Chuggington.




Rolling Stock[]







  • Going by production order, this is the forty-fifth episode of the sixth season.
  • This episode marks the final of a couple things:
    • The final appearances of Hamish.
    • The final speaking roles of Piper and Vee (as of the UK dub).
  • Chug N Roll from Discover Chuggington: All Aboard! is played during the ending Chugball sequence.
    • Additionally, whilst the original version of the song is played in the UK dub, a different performer performs the song in the US dub as opposed to Julie Wions.
  • Hamish's lines are reused from Spy Train.


  • Most of the switches placed throughout Roundhouse Park are removed, as Chug Marbles would be unachievable with them.
  • Richard Ridings goes uncredited for voicing Hamish in both English dubs of this episode, likely because no new recordings were made for the character during the production of this episode.
  • In both English dubs, Chug N Roll goes uncredited.
  • Due to his line being reused from a previous episode, Hamish refers to Brewster as Skipper Stu when calling back to him.
  • In the US credits, the list of voice actors were reused from the credits in The Zephie Express; causing a few errors:
    • Jordan C Reed, Jacks Dean, Dakota Phillips and Richard Ridings go uncredited for voicing Wilson, Brewster, Piper and Hamish.
    • Mick Wingert and William Stern are credited despite neither Old Puffer Pete or Morgan appearing in the episode.
    • Chug N Roll is not credited.