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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the line.

“Brewster? Koko? Why did you come down the old Sliver Mine Line?”

The Old Silver Mine Line is the tenth episode of the fourth season.


The Chuggineers are busy constructing a new station. Brewster gets under everybody's wheels until Zack lets him take the welding wagon away to practice with. Down an old disused line, Brewster finds lots of old junk to weld together. Koko persuades him to go exploring along an overgrown track.

They cross a dried out stream bed and the rusty track collapses behind them, leaving them stranded. They both need to get back - Brewster has to return Zack's welder wagon and Koko has a passenger run. Suddenly Brewster realises that he might be able to mend the track by welding it. Although he's inexperienced, he does a solid job and they cross back over just as Zack comes looking for them.

Brewster has a idea for the name of the station. The Silver Hopper station. Zack likes it and Brewster asks if he could repair an old hopper. Zack agrees and Brewster takes the old rusty hopper to the painting shed. The Silver Hopper station is finished.


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