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Currentwebsitelanding is the official Chuggington website. The site was launched in 2008 by Ludorum.

On the 10th of April, 2020, the site would reopen after receiving a major overhaul, being redone to accommodate the series' new style guide. The new site included an updated consist of character profiles with new descriptions, as well as more promotion for the official YouTube channel and the then upcoming new season along with helpful resources for where to watch the series around the world. The website also features a monthly newsletter.


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Character Descriptions


Wilson is incredibly enthusiastic and filled with carloads of confidence! He’s a multi-function engine ready to learn new skills, save the day and ride the rails!


Koko is super-fast, super-fearless, super adventurous and always ready for a race! She’s a fully electric, streamlined engine built for high-speeds, high-energy and traintastic fun!


Brewster is amazingly strong, extremely brave and always dependable! He’s a hard-working solid diesel-electric engine that’s sturdy and steady, strong and ready!


Frostini is Chuggington’s dashing and outgoing ice-cream chugger who loves creating new ice cream recipes! He is a real showman filled with sweet treats and is truly magnifico!


Mtambo is the tour guide train at Safari Park. He has travelled the world and is wise, adventurous and knows everything there is to know about animals!


Jackman is Chug Patrol’s brave, optimistic and fearless leader! He’s a top-notch, heroic rescue engine and Wilson’s mentor.

Skipper Stu

Skipper Stu runs a tight ship as Dock Master! He’s controller of the dock crane and organizes the loading and unloading of ships and sorting containers.

Hoot and Toot

Hoot and Toot are twin shunting engine trainees with very different personalities - which can sometimes lead to squabbles and brother and sister rivalry!


Flighty, giggly, girly and fun! Zephie is the one and only trolley in Chuggington!


Hodge was built from a hodge-podge of spare parts and is a run-around chugger that helps fix the tracks and keep Chuggington moving!


Piper is the youngest trainee in Chuggington! She’s a boiler-type steam engine filled with wonder and an eagerness to learn.

Old Puffer Pete

Old Puffer Pete is the oldest chugger in Chuggington! He is very clever, has lots of experience and always has a story to share!


Emery is a dependable passenger chugger who zips all over town and always arrives on time. Cheeky and funny, he loves nothing better than teasing and playing tricks!

Action Chugger

Action Chugger is a super-hero and a movie star! Not only can he fly, but he’s helpful, he’s strong, and he gets the job done!


Vee is Chuggington’s announcer! She’s EVERYWHERE in Chuggington and has the important role of keeping Chuggington running on schedule and on time!


  • Several Chuggington: Badge Quest episodes were available on the site throughout the late 2010s prior to the redesign.
  • On the current character profile page, Mtambo's name is spelt with the now less commonly used way- "M'tambo". Despite this, the spelling is not used on the description itself.
  • Despite being removed from the series in Season 6, Calley, Dunbar, Harrison, Chatsworth, Olwin and Irving are still present on the website landing. Strangely, a different version of the promotional image removing the aforementioned characters extists, but is not used.
    • Additonally, Calley is present on the website's redirect page.
  • A download link for Chuggington Virtual World Tour used to be present on the website. Due to the game's servers being shut down, the link is broken.
  • The British release of the DVD It's Training Time included a code in which one could use to unlock a special game on the website; the game in question is unknown.
  • The US website included a flash game where users could take a safety pledge. The game would be removed sometime in 2015 and is now technically unplayable due to Adobe Flash shutting down in December 2020.
  • Hoot and Toot being referred to as shunting engines would later be mentioned in the Discover Chuggington: All Aboard! short, Pull and Push.


  • A misspelling is present on Old Puffer Pete's description- the line "he is very clever" is is misspelled as "his is very clever".


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