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Title Card - The Mighty Koko
[ Wilson, Brewster and Koko arrive at Rocky Ridge Quarry to meet Old Puffer Pete.]
Brewster Hi, Pete!
Koko Hello!
Old Puffer Pete Well, aren't you youngsters a sight for sore eyes!
Koko Vee said you needed help.
Brewster And to bring a... plough? But I don't see any snow anywhere!
Old Puffer Pete I'm afraid the problem isn't snow - it's gravel, and lots of it!
[Pete moves out of the way to reveal a tipper car that has spilled its contents onto the tracks.]
Wilson Wowzers! What happened?
Old Puffer Pete One of the wheels jammed on this tipper car. When I tried to unjam it - kablooey! Ho ho, I accidentally spilled all the gravel.
Koko Don't worry, we'll clear the tracks! All we need to do is...
Brewster I'm on it!
[Brewster uses his extra strength to plough straight through the gravel, clearing the track.]
Koko Whoa!
Wilson You really are super strong, Brewster!
Brewster I'm sturdy and steady, strong and ready!
Old Puffer Pete Now if we can only get this car moving again, I could finish my work.
Koko I'll do it!
[Koko couples up to the car and tries to pull it forward. However, she is not strong enough.]
Koko Not... moving... ugh, I think it's stuck for good.
Brewster Let me try!
[Brewster couples up to the car and quickly manages to unjam the wheel.]
Old Puffer Pete Rattling rivets, you did it!
Koko Traintastic!
Brewster Looks like it's working okay now.
Old Puffer Pete Thanks for helping out an old chugger.
[Pete takes the car under the quarry chute to fill it up with gravel. However, the car is now really heavy, causing him to struggle to pull it.]
Old Puffer Pete Have a... nice... day!
Brewster Looks like you could use a little more help, Pete.
Old Puffer Pete What makes you... say that?
Brewster Let's ride the rails!
[Brewster leaves with Pete, pushing the car from behind.]
Old Puffer Pete Thanks, Bruiser!
Wilson And our work here is done.
Koko Our work? Brewster did it all! It must be so amazing to be super strong like Brewster. You could move anything you want, no matter how heavy it is. I wish I was super strong. I wonder if...
[The shot changes to Koko talking with Morgan at the Repair Shed.]
Morgan You want me to do what?
Koko Help me be the strongest chugger there is!
Morgan I don't know, Koko, that's a pretty big modification!
Koko If I was strong, I could push or pull anything! And that would be such a big help to the other chuggers!
Morgan Maybe, but...
Koko They're all down at the Docks right now, unloading an important delivery. And they could really use my help.
Morgan Well...
Koko I wanna be strong so badly! Please, Morgan, please, please, please...
Morgan I suppose I could install a hydraulic power booster to your engine...
Koko Really? That would be amazing!
Morgan But that's a pretty powerful piece of equipment. If you don't use it responsibly, you can get into some real trouble!
Koko I will, I promise!
Morgan Okay. Hop on onto the Rotator!
Koko Thank you, thank you, thank you!
[Koko gets on the Rotator and Morgan starts his work. Soon Koko is leaving the Repair Shed.]
Morgan Good luck, Koko! Remember what I said.
Koko Right. Thanks!
[Koko drives forward for a little.]
Koko Huh? I don't feel any different!
[The shot transitions to Zack struggling to pull a wagon full of steel up the Rocky Ridge Mountain.]
Zack Come on, Zack! Just one more pull...
[However, Zack is not strong enough and accidentally lets go of the wagon, which starts speeding down the slope.]
Zack Oh no! Look out below!
Koko (gasps)
[Koko quickly catches up to the escaping car and stops it with ease. She then returns it to an amazed Zack.]
Koko Here you go, Zack. I think you dropped this.
Zack But... but... you just stopped that heavy steel like it were a pile of feathers! (UK) / But... but... you just stopped that cart full of steel like it was a pile of feathers! (US)
Koko I did, didn't I? I must be the strongest chugger in town!
[Koko continues her journey. Meanwhile, a ship is arriving at the Docks.]
Skipper Stu Ship arriving, Hamish! Get in position to pull her in!
Hamish Ay-ay, Skipper!
[Hamish starts pulling in the ship.]
Hamish Ready to haul!
Skipper Stu I'll be right down!
[Suddenly, the rope attached to Hamish goes loose as someone starts pulling the ship super fast.]
Hamish What's going on?
[Koko is revealed to be pulling in the ship completely on her own.]
Skipper Stu Would you look at that! Koko beat me to it!
Koko You're welcome!
[Koko lets go of the rope and zooms away. However, she was pulling the ship in way too fast, resulting in it not stopping as it's reaching the end of the channel.]
Skipper Stu Look out! Abandon ship!
[The ship crashes into a pile of crates stacked at the end of the pier. Meanwhile, Mtambo is struggling to pull a load of fruit onto a slope at one of the Safari Park animal enclosures.]
Mtambo If I don't get this food moving, there's going to be a monkey mutiny!
Koko Don't worry, Mtambo! Super strong Koko is on the job!
[Koko pushes Mtambo to the monkey enclosure super fast.]
Koko You're welcome!
[Koko leaves as the monkeys start approaching Mtambo.]
Mtambo Ha... o-oh!
[Mtambo notices that the cars are still on the slope, causing him to start sliding back.]
Mtambo Koko... Koko! Wait! Aaaaah!
[Mtambo slides down the slope uncontrollably. He loses all control of the cars.]
Mtambo The car!
[Some of the cars derail and crates of fruit fly all around the place. On top of that, one of them gets stuck between the gate of the enclosure, causing the monkeys to get out. Mtambo is left looking at the chaos in shock. The shot transitions to Frostini pulling a boxcar extremely slowly at the Countryside Intersection.]
Koko Let me help you out, Frostini!
Frostini No grazie, Koko. I must go very slowly because of the car.
Koko Don't worry, super strong Koko's got this.
[Koko couples up to the car and starts pushing Frostini forward really fast.]
Frostini Oh, wait, stop!
[Koko pushes Frostini through the Safari Park, Drop and Load Yard, Chug-a-Sonic Speed Track and Rocky Ridge Rickety Bridge. Frostini is screaming all the time.]
Frostini Ooh, ferma! Stop!
[The two zoom through Rocky Ridge Quarry too, passing a surprised Old Puffer Pete. Soon they arrive back at the Countryside Intersection, where Koko finally lets go of Frostini.]
Koko You're welcome!
[Frostini arrives at the Ice Cream Factory way too fast, crashing straight into a set of buffers. A loud sound of glass shattering is heard.]
Frostini Mamma mia! My brand new glass ice cream dishes!
[The shot transitions to Koko arriving at the Trainee Roundhouse.]
Vee Welcome back, Koko! How did it go today?
Koko Best... day... ever!
[Brewster pulls up.]
Brewster Honking horns, what a day! I just unwedged a car full of fruit from the Safari Park gates. Monkeys got out and were jumping all over the place!
Koko Car... full of fruit?
[Wilson pulls up too.]
Wilson Things seem to be going wrong everywhere today!
Koko What do you mean?
Wilson I was just down at the Docks, and it's a real mess! Boxes are all over the place! A ship came in too fast and smashed into everything!
Koko A ship?
Wilson Yeah! Could one of you come and help me clean up? Skipper Stu and Hamish have to go and make their deliveries.
[Brewster leaves with Wilson.]
Brewster Wow, makes you wonder what else could go wrong today.
Koko (gasps) Frostini!
[Koko arrives at the Ice Cream Factory, where Frostini is collecting the pieces of his shattered ice cream dishes.]
Koko Oh no! I'm so sorry, Frostini!
Frostini Uh, that's okay, Koko! I don't need any more help!
Koko First the mess at the Docks, then the Safari Park, and now this? Morgan was right. I wasn't ready to have super strenghth.
Frostini Super strength?
Koko I wanted to be strong like Brewster. But instead, I made a huge mess of everything.
Frostini Koko, there's one thing Frostini always says.
Koko Have more ice cream?
Frostini Sí, but Frostini also says, be true to what you are! And what you are is fast! You go so fast, haha, you made my head spin!
Koko It's true! I am super fast.
Frostini But you are also a good friend, huh? Because that's who you are, see?
Koko Thanks, Frostini.
Frostini And where are you off to now?
Koko I've got to go see a friend about a hydraulic power booster.
Frostini Ciao, Koko!
[Koko returns to the Repair Shed.]
Morgan So... now you want me to remove the power booster? Are you sure?
Koko I'm sure. I don't need to be super strong Koko. I just want to be who I really am.
Morgan I like the sound of that. Hop on.
[Meanwhile, Brewster and Wilson are looking around at the Docks.]
Brewster Honking horns, this is a lot of work.
Wilson I know! And another ship is due soon, so we need to be fast.
Koko Did somebody say fast?
Brewster Alright, Koko! We could really use the extra help.
Koko Okay, but first, I'm really really sorry I made such a mess.
Wilson Huh? You made this mess?
Brewster But... how?
Koko I wanted to be super strong, like you, Brewster! So I asked Morgan to install a power booster to my engine.
Wilson I tried that once... big mistake!
Koko Yeah... too bad I had to find out the hard way. But I had it removed, and now I'm back to my old self.
Brewster And that's the self we like best.
Koko Me too. Watch this!
[Koko starts cleaning up the mess super fast. Soon all the crates are stacked back up.]
Skipper Stu Stellar work, crew! Thanks for helping out.
Koko That's okay, Skipper Stu! As it was my fault, it was the least I could do.
Skipper Stu Ship arriving!
Koko I'll get it!
[Koko zooms off while the other chuggers look at her confusedly.]
Koko Ahaha, just kidding! We'll get it! No way I'm strong enough to pull that ship in by myself.
[The chuggers get to work together.]