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The Loading Yard is a yard located at the Depot where rolling stock is prepared to be collected by chuggers and brought to places all around Chuggington. There is also a station in the yard.


The Loading Yard consists of two rotary turntables, six interconnecting tracks and a ballast/coal chute. While the seems to be no one chugger dedicated to the yard, it seems that in recent years Dunbar and Skylar work here most of the time. When Action Chugger went undercover for a film, he became trapped under the shute and had to be pulled out by Wilson, Brewster, Koko and Speedy. The Loading Yard is also where the trainees pick up the shed supplies for training camp - and thus where Hoot and Toot forgot the supplies for the rolling stock shed.



The Loading Yard has appeared in the background during the sixth season.


Chuggington: Badge Quest


  • While it does appear frequently in the background, the Loading Yard was not seen up close in Season 6.
  • When it is being used, the Storm Maker is located here.