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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the song.

The Ice Cream Factory is run by Frostini; it is where he prepares his world-famous ice cream, for Chuggington and beyond.

Equipment and Rooms[]

The Ice Cream Factory has a wide variety of rooms and respective equipment that helps ensure the smooth production of Frostini's world-famous ice cream. These include:

  • The Mixing Room (with a large blender)
  • The Packaging Room (where the ice cream is filled up, labelled, and sealed)
  • The Freezer Room
  • The Meeting Room (at the entrance of the factory, where the Mixer is stationed and most general meetings take place)
  • The Loading Room (where the conveyer belt ends at)


The factory, with over sixty-seven flavours under its belt, has produced a large quantity of flavours over the years, both for general export and on special occasions. These have included, but are not limited to:

  • Double Donut Delight
  • Raspberry Rockcake Razmataz
  • Chalk and Cherry Chowder
  • Soap and Strawberry Surprise
  • Toasted Treacle Tortellini
  • Cookie Crumble Carrot Crunch
  • Chugtastic Chewy Cheesecake
  • Fabulous Fruit Fandango
  • Spicy Apple Sundae
  • Pumpkin Ice Cream
  • Hooti Tooti Forest Fruitti
  • Fudgy Smudgy Surprise
  • Yummy Gummy Plummy
  • Butter Pecantalope
  • Maple Apple Dapple
  • Banana Splits
  • Peanut and Cherry Sundae


The Ice Cream Factory has been the center of many exciting events within Chuggington over the years!

On one occasion, a sudden change in plans due to a cheese allergy from the Mayor's wife resulted in Frostini being forced to create a new flavor for a mayoral banquet on short notice. Wilson attempted to create the flavor, ultimately breaking the mixer and getting put on serving duty at the Safari Park. After some monkeys pelt him with fruit, the smells of the mixture reach the attention of Frostini during his ride back to the Chug Wash, ultimately inspiring him to create Frostini's Fabulous Fruit Fandango for the occasion.

One night in Chuggington (prior to the hottest day of the year), all of the power goes out, meaning the ice cream in the factory would all melt without cold to keep them frozen. Upon the suggestion of Speedy McAllister, Frostini travels with him to get some ice from the ice cave while the trainees kept some ice cream in the refrigeration wagons, which run on chugger power. Unfortunately, Frostini came back with the ice to see that they had fallen asleep and all of Chuggington's ice cream had melted. Speedy came up with the idea of making slush cones with the ice cream and crushed up ice which saved the hottest day of the year.

Another occasion saw Wilson working on helping with making Pumpkin Ice Cream for the Harvest Festival. Jealous of Hoot and Toot's attention and wanting to be the sole "special helper" of Frostini, his rushing to get to the festival ultimately causes him to lose the ice cream to a river. Luckily, Hoot and Toot's misdirections in finding their way around accidentally creates an idea for a new flavor: Hooti Tooti Forest Fruitti. The process wasn't easy, as Wilson attempting to do everything himself to stay the "special helper" caused a bigger mess of things. But once Wilson lets go of his envy and realizes he needs help, the three get the ice cream prepared for the festival on time.

When a "Flav-o-Matic" upgrade is brought into the factory, Frostini is soon left with little to do as the machines are now equipped to prepare new flavors without him. Feeling replaced, he explored various new jobs in Chuggington to find his "true calling", but ultimately being unable leave his one true love: Making ice cream. When the upgraded Mixer begins to create unappealing flavors and malfunction, Frostini saves the day by notifying Eddie of the machines' emergancy shut-off. With the upgrade removed, Frostini was soon put back to work to creating more delicious ice cream for the town.

On several occasions, the other chuggers' antics have made issues when preparing for special occasions. One time, Hoot's color blindness mixing apples with tomatoes resulted in the Mixer spraying Frostini with tomato paste. While the trainees played Spy Chuggers, Koko's spying on Frostini and learning of his secret mixing song ("Ice Cream Mi Amore") caused him to accidentally make a mess while mixing a new flavor. Wilson's visit with Princess caused a lot of problems, from her eating a delivery of bananas to her making a mess with stolen ice cream on the factory floor.




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